Sunday, 27 November 2016

Closing 'that' chapter.

should i...


shouldn't i...

write about this...

omg... this is tough i tell ya 

but since this chapter have been a part of me for quite a while, i will be writing this post.

let's just make it as vague as possible shall we cause it's kinda personal but nonetheless i still wanna write about this chapter on the blog. 


soo my long time crush finally got married this week. i couldn't be any more happier for him and his partner. truly. both of them look so fine on their wedding day. 

but tbh, i was kinda shocked though i've been telling myself for years that this day is bound to happen, so you better be prepared girl! 

yup. i cannot deny the fact that i was shocked but hey i've been over this crush for quite a while now. bertahun lah dah honestly. but yeah seeing him with his wife is kinda weird (in a good way) cause i used to know a different version of him. 

all is good now i guess. 

finally, i can close and move on from this chapter.

the end. 

Keep your head up

hello friend

how's your day??

all is good i hope :)

i've been intending to write this post for a couple of days now.

sooo let's get started

this past few weeks have been very tough for me.

i'm struggling to get a grip on my life where it comes to the point that i felt dying inside. betul... everything looks so grey and gloomy. heh. tapi memang pun sebab lately cuaca memang grey and gloomy. okay back to the topic please.

i'm so stressed out and depressed with my current condition. and this thing is damaging to my level of productivity and whatnot. My own responsibility suddenly becomes a burden without me even noticing it . pffffft. betul. i never realized that my attitude towards life was that bad until someone pinpoint it. lol. memang butthurt gila but hey that's the truth. 

after spending some time contemplating about my attitude towards life in general, i was like 'you need to do some changes zafirah'. i need to embrace the so called challenge or situation in a more wholly way so that i can be more resilient. yup. that's the case

so keep your head up princess
your tiara is falling 


Monday, 14 November 2016

not-so-random ramblings

hey ya

uni life is draining me physically and emotionally lately. this semester is one hell of a roller coaster ride i tell ya. at one point, i think that i got what it takes to tackle and manage the situation. but then, new issues keep on challenging and surprising me. at first i do try to embrace the challenge wholeheartedly but right now i've come to the point where i feel extremely drained and exhausted. i have zero motivation to endure the next couple of weeks in this semester. oh myyy, zafirah... ada banyak lagi benda that need your attention. for a start, you need to prepare the proposal for your final year project and do the proposal-defence thing. itu belum kira the usual things like test and presentations. 

i'm not thinking about quitting ke apa, it's just that sometimes life can be overwhelming. okay tbh tu je yang iolls nak cakap


Saturday, 15 October 2016

New Zealand | Part 2 : Million dollar cruise in Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

okay, here we go

first things first, you cannot go to south island without visiting queenstown cause this place is amazing. it is surrounded by majestic snow capped mountains, sapphire blue lake and pure amazingness everywhere. (i'm repeating amazing way too much now but what to do, that word literally describes this place;) queenstown is famous for being the world's adventure capital. if you're an adrenaline junkie, this is the place for you mate! it got everything that you could've ever dream of doing, skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, highspeed boat, parasailing, snowboarding etc you name it they got it. 

please bear in mind that all those adrenaline stuffs mentioned above is quite expensive. you need to allocate huge amount of money if you wanna do it. the nevis bungee jump can cost you about 100-200 NZD. but worry not, there are tons of other free and affordable activities that you can do. for a start you can always 'lepak' in front of lake wakatipu and walk through queenstown garden. you can also take the gondola ride which offers you a spectacular view of city and the lake. 

during our last trip we decided to do the Million Dollar Cruise in lake wakatipu which cost about 35 NZD per person. it was incredibly breathtaking cause you got amazing views everywhere thanks to the perfect bright and sunny winter weather.

the cruise was about two hours long, we got to see stunning view surrounding lake wakatipu and learn some historical background of queenstown.  the ship's the captain was so friendly and makes lots of dad jokes while explaining all the stuffs. ahahah. this area is basically where the rich and posh people in queenstown lived. how stunning is it?! they have snow capped mountain at the back and sapphire blue lake in front of their houses. this place is so cantiks, they got houses kat celah pokok pokok!! imagine waking up to this view every single day. waktu pagi boleh jog kat tepi tasik hirup udara segar. boleh hilang sekejap semua masalah duniawi... 

nak duduk kat sini pleasee. kalau dapat stay setahun kat sini pun dah cukup. 

if i'm not mistaken this is the queenstown hilton resort. kalau ada duit extra boleh lah kat situ stay satu dua or tiga malam. ahahahah

at the end of this cruise, my love for this place intensifies! ahahah. betul... i always knew that i would love queenstown even before going here. this cruise, it reaffirms my love for this place. the view is so stunning that it literally took my breath away. boleh termenung lama-lama tengok the view cause it's soooo majestic, subhanAllah!

okay, my NZ blogpost will be continued soon...?


*you can read my previous NZ blogpost here

Thursday, 29 September 2016

"embrace the challenge, do more and don't settle for less"

"embrace the challenge,
do more
don't settle for less"

hey guys this is my current life motto,

*this is cheesy but whatevaa


i'm in the early stage of writing the first ever paper for my final year project (FYP)
'wow weee'!! 
this fyp will be my 'life' for the next couple of months 
mandi fyp makan fyp, tido fyp 
basically, i need to complete this project or else i won't be graduating anytime soon.
so yeah this is a huge deal to me
i have to  try and do it as professionally as i can
though i guaranteed that i got an academic researching and writing  skills of a carrot 
nevertheless, let just dive into it head first
and see what happens next...


Friday, 2 September 2016

New Zealand | Part 1 : My journey has begun

hello people!!

how are you?

this space has been abandoned for while i guess. sorry for that. ahaha

so i just returned from a two weeks of travelling to the land of middle earth aka New Zealand!! yup, i FREAKING TRAVEL TO NEW ZEALAND!! FINALLY!! sometime i still cannot comprehend that i finally travel to the one country that has been in bucket list since forever. tbh, i didn't expect this trip to happen in the near future, but then again i got lucky. as in rezeki was on my side and i finally managed to visit and experience the land of middle earth. 

all the preparations etc were made three weeks prior to this trip. agak ad hoc jugaklah for someone who rarely do travel jauh. this was my first time being in charge planning the itinerary and whatnot. so yeah it was challenging as there were too many places/things i wanted to go/do but got limited time. yep. two weeks is not enough for this NZ die hard fan. nonetheless i gotta make use of the time given. ye lah kan, travelling NZ can be quite expensive so nak kutip duit kat celah mana untuk tampung all those accommodation, transport and food kalau nak jalan lama-lama ahahah. after many considerations i decided to spent 9 days in south island and 5 days in north island. 

we as in me, makcu and tok teh flew to NZ on the 15th and return back on the 29th. it was a long eleven hours of direct flight from KL to Auckland. upon arriving in auckland we then took another two hours flight to queenstown via air new zealand. the flight to queenstown was so awesome as the plane tak terbang tinggi sangat therefore we can catch the first glimpse of the snow capped mountains in NZ. and at that particular time i already knew i that i had fallen in love with NZ. cehhh. belum pijak the kiwi soil lagi dah fall in love bagai kau...

macam painting je bila tengok keluar tingkap. the pastel sky is so freaking stunning. we were so lucky sebab boleh tengok sunset dari dalam plane. at 8-ish we arrived in queenstown airport. since it was still in winter season, malam dia cepat. dalam pukul 6 dah gelap. lepas dapat rental car kononnya nak pergi dinner dulu before check in. but unfortunately we couldn't find the gps. so sepatutnya ada gps included dalam kereta but the company did not provide it. maybe terlupa nak letak ke apa idk. dah buang masa sebab konon nak cari gps dalam kereta rupanya memang takde. at last, we asked the people at the information counter for the direction to our accomodation and the supermarket.

fyi, our accommodation was situated in a small town named kingston which took about 40 minutes drive from queenstown. some of you may wonder "apa jadah la duduk jauh dari bandar?" the thing is, we booked the accommodation two weeks before the trip therefore most of the accommodation within our budget is fully booked. yang harga rm600 ++ banyaklah. so we decided to stay a bit further from the city. cuak jugaklah nak drive kat NZ waktu malam. but we got no choice. with the aid of HERE maps app and physical map yang orang kat info counter tu provide we olls redah je la. thankfully  the maps lead us the right direction and we arrive at our accommodation at 10 ish.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Raya 2k16!

helloo there!!

sorry for the long absence, ohh before i forgot,

 eid mubarak!!

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin!!

we are still in the month of syawal so technically my raya wishes is still valid ;) hoping all of you had a blessed and an enjoyable raya, visiting family and friends and eating all those yummy raya food.

again, selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ramadan 1437H

Alhamdulillah, we have been given the chance to meet again with Ramadan. 

may we be showered with blessings in this holy month

in shaa Allah

happy fasting peeps!

Ramadan 2016, Ramadan Kareem, Ramadhan 2016, Ramza

Thursday, 26 May 2016

short update



i'm currently in my second last week in the semester, as usual there are tons of work to be done, but here i am forever being distracted by everything. for goodness sake, i've been sitting in front of my laptop since three hours ago but until now i only manage to write about three lines of sentences. omg!! wake up zafirahhhhhhhh!! ada tiga lagi assignment that needs to be submitted by wednesday  and thursday next week!! it's not going to take much time if you can just focus about teeny weeny bit of your time to truly write the assignment!! 

i swear i was much more motivated writing my assignments last semester even tengah high and jetlagged from my last trip to spain!! goshhh i miss that country! okay enough. 

omg zafirah, common la wehhh... tinggal seminggu lagi jeee

buat je la assignment tu, submit and then reda je la dengan carry marks

and then study for your finals and pray hard that you won't repeat the same subjects during next semester...

i just want this semester to end so badly, sejak dari mula sem bukak lagi dah...

since the semester is ending soon, pleaseeeeeee just do your thang and don't fcked up 


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I'm a mess!


feel like killing myself for all the procrastination i have done in this semester. bila dah week 12 baru gelabah nak buat hefty writing assignments yang lecturer dah bagi dari week 1. ahahahahah sekarang memang nak gelakkan diri sendiri je. takde mood and idea kan katanya semester ni. sebab itulah semua benda nak tangguh until the very last minute. hadap je lah zafirah. ada dua minggu lagi for you to deal with all this things before your finals strike. omgomgomg. dah lah ada dua hari yang ada dua paper back to back. #ripfinals.

dahlah tak start study langsung lagi for my freaking biology subjects. lol. hmmmm. tak tahu nak cakap apa dah. wait and see je lah bila result keluar nanti.

oh btw, lately i discovered not so new ed sheeran's songs from his 'multiply' album released two years ago. damn it, baru sekarang boleh perasan lagu diaaa. ahahahah

Oh I'm a mess right now
Inside out
Searching for a sweet surrender
But this is not the end
I can't work it out
How going through the motions
Going through us
And oh I've known it for the longest time
And all of my hopes
All of my own words
Are all over written on the signs
But you're on my road
Walking me home

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


i am so mad and frustrated with myself right now.

i was supposed to start writing for my assignments since forever but i failed to do so because i don't have the idea and willingness. i did try to write it, many many times but somehow each time. it reaches a dead end. how am i going to explain this my lecturer haa?? "Dr. saya tak buat assignment sebab saya tak ada idea and mood" is this a valid explanation/excuse?? of course not. no lecturer will accept it i think. dah lah last semester i submitted a very shitty paper to the effing same lecturer. takkan lah semester ni nak teruskan dengan perangai karut sem lepas?! nonetheless but he still managed to give me a good grade in my finals though my carry marks stinks. sumpah rasa macam i-don't-deserve-this-good-grade.

it's not like i didn't put any effort into it... i already started reading some of the articles that i searched online but when it comes to writing the paper, i have no single clue on where to begin with. yes, i do know the format and the basic stuffs but i don't know how to physically do it. i only managed to write one or two sentences. after that, nope. tak ada idea how to continue writing it. wehh i have a 5000 words report due three weeks from now. and this is only for one particular subjects. belum yang lain-lain.

ohemmgeeee this is sooo stressful.

Friday, 29 April 2016

song of the week: this is what you came for

elo peeps!

my all time favourite edm dj calvin harris just release a new single today!! wohoooo. i've been a fan of him since his "we found love" days with rihanna. and since then, i've always wish that these two amazing peeps will do a new collab in the near future. 
guess what, my wish has been granted!

as usual, calvin harris's track is legit bomb 

go listen to it!

you'll thank me later ;)

here's the teaser for the track

"Baby, this is what you came for...
(Lightning strikes every time she moves)
And everybody's watching her
But she's looking at you, oh, oh...
You, oh, oh, you, oh, oh
You, oh, oh, you, oh, oh
(You, oh, oh, oh, oh)"

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Back to school 2.0

before i proceed,

let me tell ya that, i didn't really go back to my own school which is SHAH pekan. 

ahh maaaaaan...

in fact, i went to my brother's school (SBPI Temerloh) to attend his awards ceremony. both of my parents couldn't make it since they have other responsibilities elsewhere so they asked me to represent them. i was quite reluctant at first sebab kena bangun awal. (the ceremony was on the first day of my midsemester break, so as usual, i plan to spend my day on my comfy bed) but as a supportive daughter and sister (ececehhh) i put aside my so-called plan and went to his school.

we(i went there with my mak cu) arrived there dalam pukul 9 lebih macam tu. just in time for the ceremony to start. upon entering the hall, we heard the dua being recited, i was searching for my brother in the crowd but little did i know, he was on the stage reciting the dua. ahahah. tu pun bukannya perasan pun at first. mak cu yang perasan suara familiar orang baca dua tu rupanya bila tengok kat stage ehh betullah, memang budak irsyad tu. hehe. boleh tahan jugak irsyad bila kat sekolah. smart berbaju biru pengawas, terserlah segala bakat ala pemimpin berkaliber gituhhh #proudsister ahahahah. terus tetibe teringat dekat crush zaman sekolah dulu-dulu. gahhh what even.... okay back to the main topic pleasee...

there are couple of performances in between the awards session. adalah student form 2 3 (maybe) perfom dikir barat and sketsa muzikal. ahhh man rindu gila tengok performance budak sekolah. back then, it was my friends performing on that stage.(i mean stage kat SHAH dulu lah) dikir barat what not, it was always enjoyable seeing my friends perform even kadang-kadang takdelah best pun persembahan. ahahah. tapi sebab support each other la kannn... and don't even get me started about 'semangat rumah' sampai bila-bila takkan habis cerita

waktu dalam dewan sementara nak tunggu majlis habis, i was having a major throwback session in my head while observing the surrounding. senior-junior relation, (i totally forgot the hostel slang for this so-called relationship) pergi makan kat dewan makan etc. being in a hostel is one of the best thing that ever happen to me. (walaupun dulu-dulu sibuk nak balik rumah).  i made lots of good friends. macam brothers and sisters. though sekarang i only manage to really keep in touch with like 5 of them je. biasalah, ada yang dah drift away with their own life.

okay now back to reality...

my bro Irsyad was awarded for his excellent achievement in last year's PT3 examination. with the effort that he made, i truly believe that he deserves the result and the award. well, bukan senang wo PT3 dengan soalan KBAT and what not. ahah

this is the only decent photo that i managed to snap

samping was senget but whatevs

last but not least, dah alang-alang kena dress decently for the ceremony ootd photo is a must laa kannn. lagi-lagi bila lighting apa semua nice...

scarf : the blooming duck white peonies
top : fv basics 
pants: seluar pandu puteri zaman sekolah (omg it still fits!)
shoes : pinjam kasut umi


Monday, 18 April 2016

When realization hits you


i'm currently in week 8 of my semester which means that i have tons of assignments to be submitted and quizzes. this semester, i've been too carried away by numerous distractions thus resulting me not giving a single damn about my uttermost priority as a student which is my studies. i bet this is because things have been going so well for me for the past three semester that it made me think that maybe, maybe i didn't need to put much effort into my studies. for example, last semester i simply skipped three weeks of lectures just to travel to Spain and still managed to get a deans list award. (i'm not bragging). part of me thinks that this is one of the challenges God has given to me. and this kind of challenge scares the crap out of me cause it makes you lagha. yep, each and every person have to deal with their own issues and challenges.

lately, i'm trying my best to get my head in the game, kembali ke jalan yang benar but this does requires a lot of effort. i don't think that i can make drastic changes but let's just do it one step at a time. tho at my current state, maybe i need to quadruple my steps cause ada berapa minggu je lagi nak prepare for everything. ahahah tahu pun nak gelabah zafirah..! apa-apa pun, always remember that each and every effort made either big or small does count. never underestimate that dear self.

that is all,

i better get back to my studies

priorities... priorities

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

STS Annual Dinner

last saturday, i had the pleasure of attending sts annual dinner aka Malam Akademik jabatan pengajian sains dan teknologi. it was held at petak event space and organized by STS club. without further ado let's take a look at it...

last but not least, kudos to the organizing committee for a making this dinner an enjoyable and memorable night! fyi, us the second year students did a performance that night but i dare not share you the video. it was hilariously awful. ahahah

Sunday, 27 March 2016

All too 'well'

And I know it's long gone,
And that magic's not here no more,
And I might be okay,
But I'm not fine at all.

suddenly, this particular lines form tswift all too well seems so relatable...

lately i am not in the mood to deal with things associated with my studies. from attending classes to doing my assignments etc. yep. i've been acting like this from the beginning of the semester up until now (week6=midsemester) entah fius apa yang problem. or maybe because i'm currently in my fourth semester. so time ni dia macam laghaa sikit. hahah. i only enjoy attending my ko-k classes which is gamelan. time gamelan aku memang enjoy tho kekadang aku selalu salah ketuk and out of tune. but hey at least class ni takde weekly assignment yang kena submit kat spectrum. class lain-lain i'm like nope. kalau dah bangun lambat sikit je memang terus tak pergi lah. back then i was in my first year, setakat lambat setengah jam pun aku gigh lagi nak pergi. sekarang?! memang terus sambung tido. lagi-lagi kalau kelas pukul 9. 

assignment pun memang confirm buat last minute though i've been planning to do it asap (mampu plan dalam kepala je) tindakannya takde. ahah. lepas tu mula lah tak dapat balik kampung during the weekends. oh ya, i forgot to mention about this habit of mine(balik kampung). fyi, i went back to my hometown almost every weekends in this semester. setakat ini baru ada dua weekend je kut tak balik. i don't care about other people judgement ke apa. wehh people, idk bout y'all but from my own experience duit lagi banyak habis if you spent your weekends at the college compared to when you go back to hometown. at least bila balik kampung baru habis about RM30. ini dah include duit tiket bas pergi balik plus tambang lrt  and teksi. the bright side is, you gotta spend your time with your family and have unlimited supply of food and wifi. siapa tak nak kann... kalau stay kat kolej mula lah gatal nak keluar jimba pastu buy unnecessary things. buat habis duit je

now there's two weeks left before midsemester kicks in and i seriously need to get a grip on myself cause there's two upcoming test and tons of assignments to be submitted.

may the odds be ever in my favour,


Friday, 11 March 2016

Spain Part 1 : We've arrived in Barcelona!

hola amigos!!

i did promise to write about my trip to spain last november-december, so here we go

it all started a couple months before the trip. i got a once in a lifetime offer from my tok teh to join her for a trip in spain. it was an offer that one could never ever refuse so of course i said yes. i would love to join. oh gosh,  i've been dreaming about travelling to Europe for ages since i got my first passport but money and time has always been the issue. i never taught that this dream of mine will ever happen. ahahah nama pun angan-angan kan?

before that, let me tell you briefly about our whole journey.

- days spent : 19 (26th november to 15th december)

- cities visited : 8 (barcelona-valencia-alicante-granda-cordoba-sevilla-merida-madrid)

- region visited : 5 ( Cataluna - valencia - andalusia- extramadura  - madrid)

- car journey : 2300km +/-

- hours on the road : 27 hours +/-

by looking at the map, it can be said that our journey  covers almost half of spain. amazing...

our journey kicks off in barcelona. soon after we've arrived at the airport, we rented a car and went exploring the catalan city. all of us(well, iolls in particular)were freaking excited to explore the city though we are quite tired from the long haul flight. the weather was amazing and all when we arrived there,

behold, amazingly huge sagrada familia, it's difficult for me to get a nice full shot of this building

lepas pusing pusing area dekat dengan sagrada familia, we decided to have lunch at a halal indian restaurant. the food was nice. boleh laa. 

lepas settle makan semua dah kenyang we checked in our hotel have a good rest. and by rest i mean 12 hours of sleep kut. bangun kejap, pastu sambung tido balik. ahahah jet lag la kata kan lepas 15 jam duduk dalam plane. we need to have enough rest cause on the very next day we'll be exploring Valencia. 

see you in next post!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Ridiculous last minute decision

i couldn't slept last night thinking about the foolish last minute decision that i made last night...

the story goes like this,

i've registered photography class in this semester for my co-curriculum, i always knew that i wanted to learn the techniques in taking photos. bought a camera for almost a year but never knew how to use and operate it accordingly. so this photog class enables me to explore my camera's capabilities. 

i don't know what has got into me last night, i purposely drop the class and registered for another class which i have zero interest in. and i regret it, like a gazillion times. #internalcrisis 

when i decided to change it back, the online registration has closed. *cries a river

after much thoughts and reconsideration, i decided to try my luck and change it back via manual process ( pergi office sket/skr and all that)

so that's about it. 

pray hard that i'm able to register the photog class peeps

*itu lah zafirah, elok-elok dah kau register, tetibe cari kerja baru pergi tukar semula

Monday, 22 February 2016

Of cakes and (unreliable?!) app

yesterday before sending me off to college for good, we (as in me and my mak cu) decided to do a little detour. we wanted to go to a particular cake cafe located in section 9 shah alam. i bet most of you have already went or perhaps heard about cake jalan tiung cafe? fyi, that's the place that we're heading to yesterday. the story goes like this...

lepas je settle beli barang-barang balik hostel kat midvalley, we head off to shah alam. honestly saying, UM- shah alam takdelah jauh mana pun. kalau jalan clear takde jammed apa semua dalam 15/20 minit dah boleh sampai. tapi alkisahnya semalam, cehh konon-konon nak try guna this one app(here maps) habis pusing satu KL dia bawak. ahahahah. yang paling kelakar bila apps tu dah mula suruh u-turn waktu kat federal highway though kitaorang memang dah mengahala ke shah alam. time tu dah start rasa fishy dengan this app. tapi apakan daya, aku ni memang noob gila jalan kat KL. so mcm ooo maybe ada jalan shortcut kut. even my mak cu yang tahu jalan pun macam"okay kita try follow je apps ni". ni maybe because she's quite excited to use this app for the very first time(ye ke tak mak cu? correct me if i'm wrong eh) so last-last, sebab ikut apps la kan, we ended up kat somewhere in bukit petaling kat area rumah orang. tapi waktu tu positif lagi lah sebab ingatkan, ooo maybe dia ada branch kat sini kut. both of us were like "haaa mana kedainya?! ahahaha" . at that time we already realised this is a total crap. memang bukan kat sini lah!! asal la sengal sangat nak follow apps yang sesat dan menyesatkan niii. padahal both of us tahu la sikit nak pergi seksyen 9 shah alam. bila nak patah balik semula dah entah ke mana pergi, last-last pusing KL. kahakahkah 

waktu tu dah dekat pukul 5 petang kut. i was like, takpelah balik UM  je la terus. kalau tak dapat pergi harini. next time kan ada... though sebenarnya dalam hati ada sedikit keciwa. kahkah. but. mak cu was so optimistic. she convinced me that we can still make it despite the time is quite late.(takde lah lambat mana, tapi sebab nak kena drive balik chenor semula, so dia taknak lah balik lewat sangat) lepas sejam pusing-pusing melencong jauh dari jalan yang benar, we managed to get there  by using our own common sense and guided by the signboards (bak kata kata my lil bro irfan, cari jalan guna otak, bukan guna gadgets. hahah)

haa kau, dia punya feeling bila dah sampai memang rasa heck yeah!!! sampai pun!! setelah sesat dan disesatkan oleh apps yang entah pape tu. tbh, i've used the apps on several ocassions tapi sebelum ni elok je dia tunjuk jalan. tetibe semalam jadi karut gila. pfffffffffft dan dan je. bila dah masuk cafe apa semua terus hilang jap idea nak pilih cake yang mana cause our brain cannot comprehend what has happened. lawak pun ada, frust dengan diri sendiri pun ada because benda senang pun jadi complicated sebab nak depend on apps. pfffft. nonetheless, we still managed to achieve our main objective which is this...

tadaaaa . . .

yep, benda/cake mainstream bila pergi kat CJT. ahahahah. felt damn satisfied sebab lepas gak nak merasa even dah melencong jauh before sampai kat sini.

the verdict:

1)the salted caramel chocolate cake was nice. salted caramel dia sedap la gak, lemak masin gituhh. tapi chocolate cake dia biasa-biasa je kut. maybe because i'm not really a fan of chocolate cake.

2)the pavlova was also very nice. creme dia pun best. light je. not to muak or not to sweet.

3)idk why aku gatal nak order affogato. padahal takde la suka sangat coffee-based dessert. takat minum cafe con leche sekali sekala tu boleh la. puas ah gak nak habiskan affogato sebab bagi aku pahit gila. last last mampu habiskan ice cream dia je. ahahah

le morale of the story,
in a world filled with tons of savvy gadgets, we as humans must not solely depend on these things. i'm not saying that depending on gadget is a negative thing but sometimes instead of using these gadgets let's go back to basic and use our own capabilities to complete our task. christopher columbus dulu boleh je sampai america without using waze. hahah, jauh sangat dah melencong.

so that is it.


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Updates on new semester

hello there!

new semester starts today. yeay or nahh??

idk man. dari semalam lagi rasa takde mood nak hadap all the stuffs, lectures dan yang seangkatan dengannya. my schedule for this semester has been not so okay kut sebab kena daftar subjek yang hari exam dia back to back, and satu hari ada dua paper. i've been doing that since last semester and i effing hate it. takde masa nak rest jap before focussing on the next paper. itu dah satu hal. 

yang paling win, pencil case pun aku dah lupa letak kat mana. at first i thought that i left it at my college cause i can't seem to find it back home. bila cari semula, tak jumpa, kahkah. nampak sangat habis final haritu aku dah tak peduli dengan all things related to my studies. dia macam, since my finals is over, i'm fucking done with this crap. lols. pastu bila start sem baru semula mulahlah meraba-raba cari semula pencil case. 

another thing is about the forever delayed post about several trips that i made earlier. well am still working on it. entah bila lah boleh siap. asyik masuk draft je. ahahah. 

sooo that's it


Saturday, 20 February 2016

Giving love to Ed

effing addicted to this version of give me love by the talented mr ed sheeran. 

he has a voice of an angel 

*oh ed, i volunteer to give you my luv 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Why is this happening...


for the past few weeks i've been trying hard to catch up with my writing on few of my previous trip but it is getting so hard for me to put up all those words. i'm out of words. i find it very hard for me to describe the events that had happened. takde idea langsung. nope. nada. oh whyyy is this happening to me?

i really want to share lots of things but i just don't know how to put it properly into words. tulis satu dua ayat then terus jadi draft je. sampai sudah tak siap-siap. ahahah. oh gosh, writing a post should not be this hard! but why... asal takde idea langsung nak tulis. maybe sebab lama sangat dah kut tak menulis sebab sibuk dengan segala hal lain. bila tengah cuti dan ada masa free nak tulis tapi tak dapat nak gunakan dengan sebaik mungkin. adoii. lepas tu bila academic semester dah start, menyesal semula sebab tak guna time cuti untuk update segala jadah ni. yeah, bagi alasan je kan kau zafirah... ahahah

tapi serious la, asal susah sangat eh?? i do have to admit that my so called writing skill ni memang dah berkarat tapi i never thought it will eventually be this bad. haduududu. why why why... adakah ini sebab i am being too ambitious with my style of writing or am i overthinking about the content of this blog? entah lah nak... apa dah jadi niii. cuti sem pun dah nak habis, lepas ni dah busy semula dengan varsity life so i don't know about the direction of this so called blog. i have no plans on quitting this blog or taking a hiatus but i'm have no doubt that these two events will eventually happen without me even realizing it. lol. sedar sedar je dah dua tiga bulan tak update. 


what to do

what to do di doo di doo

*btw, if you guys have any idea or solutions to help me with this situation, please leave a comment below. xx

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hello February!!


firstly, happy belated new year everyone!! i was so busy with my finals and outbound programme last january hence i didn't manage to write anything in this space. so yeah that's the case. i just got back from the brunei darussalam after spending two weeks there undergoing global discovery programme conducted by universiti brunei darussalam (UBD). it was an eye opening experience for me. i'll tell you more about it later can ah? 

hmm what else...

oh ya, i got three weeks left to have my freedom before new semester kicks in and drowns me again! lols. i still haven't start writing on my last trip to spain and i have no idea when i'm going to start! gosh, i am such a lazy blogger. but don't fret peeps, it will eventually be up on this blog sooner or later. that i promise you.

that's about it i guess.

till then ;)