Thursday, 19 December 2013


i love it, she thought, 
i'm just not in love with it and also i don't love it,
i've tried, i've strained to love it,
 but i can't.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Jogathon '13

the first 10 minutes,

me : i'm gonna get through this!! 4.8km. it's not that far, right?! you can do thiiiiiiiiis....

the next idk-how-many-minutes,

me : help me!! i'm dyingggggggggg!! how many fcking km's left?!!!!*gasping*

right now,


*le morale, turun riadah at least once a week. bukannya once a semester. pfffffffffffft

Saturday, 16 November 2013

in a nutshell


maaaaan, time does fly. rasa macam baru semalam jalan kaki cross padang balik dari exam hall. ppffffffftt!! ini semua poyo. sedar tak sedar dah tiga minggu cuti . seriously, tiga minggu?! macam tiga hari je! so i decided to do a quick recap of my kinda-boring-noob-but-i-enjoyed-it semester break.

1st week
-movie marathon. 

2nd week
-jejak kasih with dearest izyan, syikin and alyaa at palam
-rereading novelathon (padahal baca paradise je sebijik)

3rd week
-movie marathon(again?!)
- fangirling Tom Hiddleston

some of my friends were like, wowww!! ber-holiday ke sana sini. fly sana sini. reunion bagai
i'm like,

all in all, hopefully i'm physically,mentally, emotionally, spiritually, academically(?!) prepared for 2nd semester

till then!


there's no turning back once you started fangirling over a particular person
egahd is this some sort of curse or what?! 
cause one thing is for sure,
 i've fallen for loki's(tom hiddlestone actually) charm and i've been fangirling for almost two days. 

*bak kata one of my girlfriends,

till then, laters darling!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


i dedicate this song to the girls out there

mak cu 
and etc etc

because we are THE WONDER WOMEN!!!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dear You-know-who

you're just a crush
enough said

Ahah! so soon eh?!

love (is it love or should i call it jodoh?)  is in the air 
i can hear the sound of wedding bells

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Last Time

                                      "This is the last time I'm asking you this,  
                                         Put my name at the top of your list"

Sunday, 6 October 2013

the so-called-uncertainty

people who are close to you often expect you to make decisions about your career path and stick with them. they want you to be a "fire and forget" missile that zeros in on  target and pursue it relentlessly. but this isn't how things work. most people change courses many times before finding the match for their skills and interests. this is similar to the process of developing a product or designing new software-it's important to keep experimenting,trying lots of things until you find out what works. being too set on your path too early will likely lead you in the wrong direction.

taken from what i wish i knew when i was 20 -Tina Seelig

laters darlingggsss ;)

Friday, 27 September 2013


I can't even find a place to start
how do i choose between my head and heart?
till it ceases i'll never know
how do you get up from an all time low?

 All Time Low by TW

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fifty Shades

egad. can't believe i'm writing a post bout the infamous 50 shades trilogy

so i just finished reading all of the books in just three days. impressive eh? kalau suruh study organic chem 3 hari 3 malam takkan habis. what i can tell ya?! i's quite wicked....?! yeah wicked. 

the main character, the Cristian Grey is stinking rich. 27 years-old CG owns almost everything.  he's kinda creepy. tbh the whole book are quite creepy.(siapa suruh kau baca zaff!!) ecspecially the first book. yang lagi dua buku tu CG dah mellow and head over heels in love with ana steele. so tak creepy mana laa.

CG is a control freak. and he's possesive. kalau. ye, kalau aku ada beau gini memang lama dah aku tinggalkan. 

at first i didn't expect the book to be.... entahlah. i was expecting that CG is the no string attached type of guy. last last ghupanya, dia ni case "hearts and flowers" gak. heh - -"

aku pun tak faham sangat asal buku ni famous sangat. nak kata best? biasa je. but i can't deny the fact the books are  addictive.  i'd prefer julie james though. katanya nak di-adapt to movie. huishhhh. seram den. the raunchy/inappropriate part tu banyak aku skip je.  tak sangup ah.

hehe. and these are my favourite lines from the books ;)

"we aim to please"
"because i can"

tang "because i can" tu yang aku paling suka. cess, dia ingat dia siapa?! best gila time baca part dia kasi ana steele audi R8 for her birthday. cakap je nak apa. semua dihidangkan atas silver platter gituhh.(oiiii nama pun fiction)

till then.
laters darlinggg

masihkah kau ingat...?

Penyair dari Gunung

akulah penyair yang turun dari gunung
beratus tahun aku duduk di situ
beratus ratus tahun
kini aku turun ke lembah
melihat manusia
kecil miskin lagi hina
hidup mereka melata lata
tanganmu  ku genggam ku julang ke udara
akan ku jeritkan  bagaikan halilintar
kebebasan abadi
Akan kita susun perbarisan
Menjulang keadilan
Milik kita, milik semua
Kita hidup bahagia
Milik kita, milik semua
Kita hidup bahagia 

hehe. idk where does the idea come from. maybe sebab baru pergi sekolah kut....this song was sort of a tradition during my earlier years being an aspuri teja-ian.  time form 1/2 almost every saturday morning aku nyanyi lagu ni time inspection. bila naik form 3/4/5 tak nyanyi dah. kenapakah?? maybe some tradition does wears off eventually. entahlah. apa maknanya?? sampai sekarang aku pun tak faham sangat. heh.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Her feelings she hides.
Her dreams she can't find.
She's losing her mind.
She's fallen behind.
She can't find her place.
She's losing her faith.
She's fallen from grace.
She's all over the place.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hey girlfriend!!

glad to know that the feeling is mutual

it's kinda hard  not to girl talk with someone you'd spent everyday for the past four/five years. you'll have that needy feeling to talk to them for each and every single day. ehehe

*xoxo, three words eight letters girlfiriends!!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

This Is Us - The Review


i just can't....

so today i managed to watch this is us. myyyyy.... the movie was amaaaaaaaaaazaynnn!! seeing the boys in the music video pun aku hyperventilate. nikan pulak ngadap muka sesorang for about two hours. i was grinning  like mad girl during the whole show. lenguh pipi den. haha

this is us is my most anticipated movie of the year apart from hunger games:catching fire and the hobbit. ahaha. i've been waiting for this movie to come out since like january!!( tbh, i have no idea when i started making countdown for this is us). heh. the lads are the most cheeky creatures on the planet. hahahahah. ecspecially my niall. heheh. i just can't... 

there's one part where zayn called his mum and talked about i-can't-remember-what-is-it-about. ehh, i think the part where he bought his mother a new home i guess. heheh. the mother and son punya conversation tu terlalu sweet. heh. and i cried. mana ada! bergenang je... kita kena control macho! 

i might exaggerated a bit, but i felt like i just met the lads personally yesterday. bahahah. those 3D stuff on the screen made the boys seems so real. felt like grabbing five of them from the screen and bring them back home.

all in all, i'm so gonna watch the movie again. plus, i'm bursting with pride and joy seeing their achievements for the past three years. cehh!! cheezzy nak mampuih

*to directioners out there, go watch this is us in the nearest cinema. you'll gonna regret it i you dont. ehehehe

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Random Rambling: part I-think-i-lost-count

"kalau minum air rebus lecture notes and soalan tutorials boleh buat aku score 4.0 dalam exam, sanggup aku minum air rebus kertas kertas tu for each subjects in every exams."

*final sebulan je lagi oiii!!!!
*PASUM-only the tough ones scores. 



Friday, 16 August 2013

Dear me self...

let bygones be bygones.
you. had. your. lesson.

-cause i'm the champion, and you're gonna hear me ROAR-
Oh oh oh oh oh oh 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Eid-ul Fitr

cepat cepat!! ambik posisi masing masing

asal senget je budak baju oen line depan??

cup cup, tak ready lagi!!

ready.. 1 2 3

akanda kesayangan umi and engku. eheheh... the rest jangan jealous

the boys and cousins

say chizzzzzzzzzz!


to izyan and syikin,
sorry la ye , lambat sikit hamba tunaikan permintaan tuan tuan hamba... hahaha
ni penat ai upload, tengok jangan tak tengok!!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013




idk why but to me this year's raya is hambar. dan hambar. dan hambar. dan hambar. dan hambar dan hambar.... semua benda macam kelabu je. entah apa masalah? nak send text raya malas. nak  prep raya pun tak de mood. adakah sebab midsem exam yang menanti or what?! nak kata cuak exam, study pun ke laut je, ahahah. 

ohohoiiiii mambang mood...... jelmakanlah diri anda!! ok...........dia tak jelmakan diri pun.... so......... sampai sudah aku tak ada mood nak raya (duhhhh?-apa masalah aku ni?!)

ohh, before that, selamat hari raya eid-ul fitri to all my saudara saudara di luar sana!!
maaf ku dipinta jika ada tersilap terkasar bahasa
till then, toodles!!


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Love Actually...?

"love is not about a possession, 
love is to let your loved one lead a happy life, no matter how that person chooses it.
not prioritising your happiness but their happiness
if not, dont call it love.
call it possession. selfishness....."
13jamA380-  Evelyn Rose

perggghhhhh... berpuitis gilo!! cesssss..... btw, jangan salah tafsir ya! this post is sort of the sequel of the previous previous  previous post. yeah, 'sort of '

no hard feelings eh....

*still can't get over Fawwaz in 13jamA380, he's McDreamy bohh!!
what has got into you zaf?! he's a fictional character!! pffffffffttttttttt!!!!!!!

finally....the next book in FBI-US Attorney series

o march....
i need you now!!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

that one best friend that turn to be a stranger

hey you,

you've changed
and i barely even know you now

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody.” 
                                   ― Stephen ChboskyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Monday, 29 July 2013

so they think we're a chameleon?!


dorang ingat weolls weolls ni leon le camaleon ke?! baru 2 bulan then nak reshuffle tutorial n lab class semula. baru nak adapt dengan schedule, dah ditukarnya semula schedule... the fishh!!

leon le camaleon
change de couler quel pollison
leon le camaleon
ou est ou est leon

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Still Into You

oh yeah. this song pretty much sums everything i've been feeling for the last few years. 
pfffffffttttttttt......why o why zaf??

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Random Rambling

dear Z,

cause i knew you were trouble when you walked in
so shame on me now
flew me to places 've never been
till you put me down

from Z

Life's Like That


when the food is already served for you on the table in dining hall.

"tak best lah lauk hari ni."
"asyik-asyik makan menu ni je."
" bukan ke minggu lepas dah ada menu ni?"


when you have to decide the menu for yourself.

"nak makan apa hari ni? tak ada idea lah"
"boring lah makan dekat cafe"
"tak tahu lah nak makan apa petang ni."

btw selamat ber'ramadan al mubarakh' (^_^)

Monday, 8 July 2013


few months ago i started watching greek. and it was the best tv series ever. 

the series was aired in 2007-2011. lama lah jugak citer ni. tapi aku baru je discover. greek is ze only  tv series yang aku tengok every episode. tak miss satu pun. full 4 season.  

sadly everything must come to an end. i was being very emotional when watching the last episode. lagi lagi bila part cappie hugged evan and when casey hugged rusty awww...

i vow to watch this series again after i finished my foundation studies. hehehehhe

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Everything Has Changed-Taylor Swift

a great new song by a great not-so-new singer. favourite song at the moment.

I just want to know you better know you better know you better now
I just want to know you better know you better know you better now
I just want to know you better know you better know you better now
I just want to know you know you know you

Saturday, 22 June 2013

and this is what i felt right now

selepas tambah tolak darab bahagi, dah dalam 4 minggu jugak aku tak balik. and i've been feeling homesick. yup, honestly i'm homesick. though aku ni tinggal di asrama sejak dari form 1. btw, siapa cakap budak asrama tak pernah rasa homesick??haha.  dan hectic schedule memburukkan lagi tahap ke-homesick-an aku.

so imma starting my countdown to friday-28/6 where i'll be going home

ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... 5 days to go

Friday, 14 June 2013

random rambling

ada so-called pepatah saying "time asasi ni kena cepat tukar gear, tak boleh main main. dan sekarang ni kena tukar gear 5". my problem right now is that i couldn't find the clutch. guane ni??!!

hehhh. get it?
i need to find my muse. ASAP. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

what done is done


so now ni i'm furthering my studies in foundation of science in....... p&c. the truth is, after one week of lecture, i've been feeling that i've got no chemistry with science . guane tu?! aku ingatkan aku boleh survive lagi dengan science subject. tapi lama lama, aku rasa macam dah hilang minat. and tetiba aku rasa macam aku sanggup hafal kitab kitab sejarah/law/philosophy yang tebal tebal tuh. 

the major problem was that  i've already made the decision to further my studies in science stream a few months before. and it was done without really considering my true ability and my minat/passion etc etc. somehow i do feel that i'm obligated to further my studies in science because of............ let it be a secret. so salah siapa sekarang ni?? i've no one to blame except for myself

untuk masa ni aku tak jumpa jalan penyelesaian. dan tindakan yang paling logik buat masa ini ialah teruskan  dengan keputusan aku tu. what done is done.  bab-bab sama ada aku boleh excel ke tak tu... panjang sikit cerita dia. and i'm praying hard right now so that my minat can be shifted/ditukar or etc etc.

come hell or high water, life goes on and it ain't getting easier. that's all

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Prologue: MHS

Salam MHS peeps!!

ha-di-ha. i cannot believe i've entered a new chapter in the so-called Zafirah's Odyssey. just so you know, i got accepted to Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya (PASUM). honestly, i was dumbfounded sebab dapat masuk situ. sampai seminggu aku jadi biol jap. hahaha. 

since the new chapter of life as an asasians didn't officially start yet, aku nak cerita prologue dia dulu iaitu Minggu Haluan Siswa aka MHS. fyi,  i survived one helluva awesome/awfull week. at first, i didn't know what to expect from MHS so i vow to follow the flow. by hook or by crook. meeting new people and making new friends was never ever easy for me. never. ever. easy. memang rasa nak nangis awal-awal tu. haram sorang pun aku tak kenal except for my cousin, Aqah. pathetic kan?? hahah. so habis dah the awfull part.

now comes the awesome part. haiyo... serius tak tau nak start dari mana. so aku main tebuk tebuk je la part mana yang mana masih segar bugar dalam kotak memori aku nih. 

1.doing xi shua shua and gummy bear. perggghhh, memang syok gila berjoget. semua 1500++ layan dua benda alah ni.

2. tengok sir megat tembak laser dekat budak tido/main phone. yang paling tak boleh tahan tengok orang sebelah aku yang kena laser sebab tidur time taklimat di DTC. nak terburai perut aku tahan gelak. hahahahha. sorry ye Aqah. 

3. berlari ke hulu dan ke hilir. since there were 1500 pasum students yang kena di-transport dari kolej 12 ke merata-rata UM. memang haywire lah. so untuk mengelakkan segala bagai masalah, pergerakan memang kena express. nak tak nak, kau lari! memang 'best gila'

4. The Malam Penutup was great though aku teramat sangat mengantuk. pancit lari time explorace petang tu. UM tu dah la 'kecik'. memang terbaik!! the performance by kesperians and faci was...................200% total pure awesomeness. nak runtuh DTC time weolls cheer tengok sir megat ber-gummy bear dan ber-xi shua shua. saat yang ditunggu tunggu oleh semua orang akhirnya tercapai. muahahahahahaha

hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... tu je kut. before that, aku nak tunjuk sikit klip gummy bear dance. enjoy!!

Thursday, 23 May 2013


hehehe...  lama dah aku update blog. senario ini terjadi dek... pffftt ayat nak skema. senang citer macam ni... lately i've been feeling numb,kering, tandus, gersang bak gurun sahara (hiperbola habis) sejak dapat tahu result UPU. i was speechless and overwhelmed when i got the news. 50% ok, 50% ko. so minggu ni memang berhempas pulas(cehhh) menyiapkan segala macam mak nenek for The Next Chapter of  Zafirah's Odyssey (tajuk nak best... pffffttt). setakat ni ini je yang hamba mampu tulis.

*berhabuk bersawang la blog ni for i-dont-know-how-many-months
till then. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

i'm freakin dumbstruck!!


i never imagined this to happen. not in a million years. i supposed.  this may not be a big deal for some of you out there. but for me, it's one hell of a big deal.

and i was like this for the first few seconds

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

and i completed the FBI-US attorneys series


so for the past few months, i've been reading julie james's novels. and it was aaaaaaaaaaaamazinggg!! last week, i managed to bought the last book that was in the FBI-US Attorneys series titled Love Irresistibly. after reading the whole novel, i wish that i get my own AUSA(asistant US attorney) aka Mr Cade Morgan. 

Cade morgan is sinfully hot,smoldering, and one of chicago's top prosecutors in the novel. plus, he's a former football player. what not to love about that eh?? just so you know, he's the prosecutor who called Kyle Rhodes twitter terrorist. 

all in all the whole series are so addictively readable. she writes books that i could've never put down.  julie james's novel is definitely a must-read. i'll guarantee that you'll laugh out loud reading her novels ecspecially just the sexiest man alive and practice makes perfect.

till then. 
for more information, please go to

Saturday, 4 May 2013

KLIBF 2013

woot woot!! Yellllllllowwwwwwwww people!!!!!
*adrenaline overdose

so last monday i went to kay elle with dearest mak cu. matlamat utama i sebenarnya nak pergi interview untuk admission ke PASUM . so petang isnin tu sampai sana, i usha usha dulu tempat interview tu. hehe, ambil auraa sikit. cehh. padahal tak sure jalan nak ke sana macam mana. so lepas habis sesi meng-usha mak cu yang comel asked me  wether i want to go to other places. hell yeah, apa lagi!!! PWTC JOM!!!! 

hahah, sampai sana dah pukul lima lebih dan memandangkan hamba pergi ke sana pada weekdays, bookfair tu tutup awal sikit. pukul 7 dah tutup  kut kalau tak silap. masuk je dekat dalam jadi macam gini jap. 

punya la lengang PWTC tu time aku pergi. memang tahap boleh berguling dari satu hall, ke hall lain. haha, exaggerating. rata-rata aku dengar orang complain pergi sana tak nampak buku pun, nampak belakang orang ada la. tapi time aku, lengang habis. the perks of going to KLIBF on weekdays?! yayyyy for me!!!! i guess?! 

since i'm one of kipas susah mati Keith, hardcore la jugak aku rembat lawak kampus. aku tak bilang kut berapa banyak aku beli. tau tau tangan dah penuh baru pergi kaunter bayar. misi seterusnya was to find the jemari seni booth. credit to izyan khatim sebab  kasi i idea nak beli novel apa. heheh, aku tak reti sangat nak pilih novel novel melayu. macam gini aku bila jumpa booth jemari seni.

banyak gila novel yang menggoda.... serious i tak tau nak pilih yang mana. rambang mata kuasa sembilan. kununnya, nak beli Hlovate's Anthem je. tapi last last 6/7 kut novel aku rembat. banyak dapat discount punya pasal. aku pun main sauk je la.(this is one of zafirah's so-called 'strength'). pastu mula lahh lenguh nak hangkut buku tu ke hulu ke hilir.

i think....... that's all. toodles peeps. novels i dah memanggil

Friday, 3 May 2013

Flashback Friday


tengah tengah syok aku melayan youtube, tetiba terjumpa video ni. isk isk isk. sumpah aku rasa macam nak nangis bila teringat zaman aku layan disney. hell yeah, i grew up watching cadet kelly, princess diaries, tarzan, the lion king, beauty and the beast, lady and tramp, peter pan etc etc . speaking of my zaman disney, dua cerita yang aku memang addicted gila are that's so raven and lizzie mcguire. hahah, entah apa dah jadi dengan pelakon pelakon dia, yang aku tau, hillary duff aka lizzie mcguire dah kahwin and ada anak sorang . one thing is for sure, movie disney last yang aku layan are camp rock/high school musical kut... then poooffff!! no more disney phase. fyi, this video did triggered this whole flashback friday stuff. 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

About That Night : The Review

hey ya peeps!!

so, i've just finished reading this novel. and i'm going to describe it as.... wicked!!! bahahaha. i've never read a novel which the hero was an ex-con convicted for hacking twitter in order to delete a video and a tweet posted by his ex-victoria secret model girlfriend. 

This Kyle Rhodes aka smug dimples/twitter terrorist is a work hard, play hard kinda guy. and i loike him. a lot.  the interesting part was to witness his transformation from being a fresh graduated college boy, to a twitter terrorist, to an ex-con and to a man who starts his own empire. plus,i admire how he took his responsibility being a son and a brother. hew hew hew. speaking of Rylann Pierce aka prosecurtrix pierce. she's a typical julia james's heroine. that's all

so peeps, what's not to like about smug dimples??

Monday, 22 April 2013

Kids Don't Lie...

salam, hey ya!!

last thursday(i think so) umi asked me to bring my so-called little brother irfan to a clinic since he was not feeling well. and i reluctantly went to the clinic with him and mak cu. so after 15 minutes  of waiting, we met the doctor. the following are the conversations between irfan and mr. doctor lepas mr. doctor siap check irfan:-

mr. doctor: irfan, kak long buat apa dekat rumah??
irfan: TIDUR!!!
mr. doctor: dia buat apa lagi??
irfan: tengok TV!!
mr. doctor : dia jaga irfan tak??
irfan : jaga
mr. doctor : dia pukul tak?
irfan : tak pun
mr. doctor : betul ke??
irfan :  betul2...

ohohoiiiii. pecah tembelang aku depan doctor tu. nasib la sejak dari kecik memang dia dah kenal dengan  aku. kalau tak, tak tau aku nak letak muka dekat mana. nasib lah the last two questions tu irfan cover sikit. kalau tak, memang kantoii aku muka menyakat dia dekat rumah. bertuah punya budak. one thing is for sure, i did interupt their conversations by denying the fact that i do sleep+watch tv a lot. namun demikian, aku dipangkah oleh adik sendiri kut... muka aku tebal macam tembok besar china dah lepas keluar dari bilik doktor. irfan dengan doctor tu pulak bukan main syok lagi gelak dekat aku. haishhhh... sabar jela. 

p/s : kalau nak korek rahsia, orang pertama yang kita boleh cari is budak kecik since kids never lie

toodles ;)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

SAFE HAVEN : The Review

so, i've just finished watching safe haven! maaann.... the whole story was so heart-breaking to watch. i didn't plan to watch it at first but since the hero is alex and alex is josh duhamel, i couldn't refuse to not watch it. just so you know, safe haven was adapted from the novel itself written by Nicholas Sparks. Heheh, i can guarantee that many of you know nicholas sparks. bila sebut nicholas sparks, mesti kena ada tisu. sebab?!

1. mesti ada yang mati
2. mesti ada surat yang sadis... bahahaha
3. mesti ada hero/heroin yang buat aku ter"over-attached"

when the novel first came out back in 2011, i instantly bought it. nak kata aku minat sangat NS tak la tapi time tu memang rasa nak baca. i was sobbing like hell after reading the last letter that alex's late wife, Jo wrote to Katie. it was all because of this phrase...

How can I tell them that I love them if I'm no longer there?” 
― Nicholas SparksSafe Haven

dulu-dulu bila baca novel dia memang aku dah target kalau Josh Duhamel jadi Alex memang aku nak tengok ah. heheh. tau tau je memang dia jadi alex, aku hyperventilate kut. berbaldi aku nangis tengok my widowed hero.... hahaha. btw, kalau korang tak minat sangat cerita yang sadis macam ni, baik tak payah tengok terus.

all in all, the movie was mainly about second chances given to alex and katie since...

“That’s the thing about life. A lot of the time, it isn’t easy at all. We
just have to try to make the best of it.”
― Nicholas SparksSafe Haven

p/s aku kasi movie ni 3 bintang 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

my top 6 must-see tv shows


hehe. since i've been spending the past five months doing almost nothing at home, television is my new best friend yaww! in accordance to that, i would like to list down my top 6 must-see tv shows:-

1. Bones

2. Greek

3. Project Runway

4. So You Think You Can Dance

5. Cake Boss

6. Bake with Anna Olson

till then!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Choice...?

haha. i have to admit that the scenarios in matlutfi's video are very common among spm leavers. kan?? for the past few weeks after receiving my ok result, i've been thinking a lot about my future. ye ke?? ke kau berangan je lebih?? ahaha. honestly, i was puzzled by my own chameleonic decision. there were times when i cannot figure out what i really want to do with my life and my future. huishh, bahaya bunyinya tu!! but it's the reality. plus, i suck at making though decisions. 

there was one time when i wanted to be a lawyer. badly. hehe. i bet it was the influence by the excessive reading of john grisham's and julie james's novels. i was mesmerized by all the fame and glory of being a lawyer. after going through a lot of considerations, i cannot picture myself being one. zafirah...zafirah...

setelah bermalam-malam berfikir(ye ke?), i've decided to further my studies in science stream.(right now, i cannot give the exact details, but i will do it later) yeap . and there were no second thoughts about that. hehe, it was quite a predictable field of studies for someone like me. wait, i'm not doing this for the sake of my parents etc etc. i'm doing it for myself. well i do hope that it's the best for me. since life's full of risks, why not take one??

Thursday, 28 March 2013

significant places that i miss in school

hahah, kantoi zaff, kantoii yang kau rindu sekolah. nevermind. sebagaimana tajuk di atas, kali ni aku nak listkan tempat tempat yg aku rindu pulak

aik?! asal gym?! mesti ada yang bermonolog macam ni kan?? speaking of the gym. ni satu citer yang paling gila aku pernah buat. waktu form three... dekat dekat time nak trial kut kalau tak silap, aku dan izyan radzuan dan raja a'isyah pecah masuk gym before isyak dengan berpakaian telekung. selamba habis kut. cehh, padahal time tu bulan puasa. niatnya murni, nak ambil handout cikgu kasi. on the way back, nampak kereta CBU 1966.(faham faham jela, kalau tak faham nanti tanya). cuak tak terkata jadinya. pastu ada cikgu keluar. we olls apa lagi main sorok sorok ah pulak dengan cikgu. sampai cikgu sendiri takut nak cari. sebab ramai yg claim nampak tiga lembaga putih dekat gym. muahahaha. bila sampai aspuri... nak tak nak sebab kami ni good girls... kami pergilah  ngaku dengan warden. sabor jela.

2. padang
cehh, aku ni bukan main rindu lagi tempat macam ini. mula mula gym, then padang. haha . padahal memang terbukti ke-tak-atletan-nya aku ni. highlight dekat padang ni time aku form four. my class, 4 budi and the other class 4 jasa were totally late for our account class with cikgu salina. sesiapa yang kenal cikgu salina mesti tahu kan yang dia sangat tak suka lambat lambat ni. dan, disebabkan kami lambat 15 minutes. we were asked to run around the school field for 15 rounds. tak lebih dan tak kurang. tak ada diskaun .ohohoiiii... padang shah tu bukannya kecik kak!! tertonggeng aku nak menghabiskan round. memang tercungap cungap ah bila masuk kelas. huh! dah lah kemuncup penuh melekat dekat seluar. nasib...nasib...

tu je kut buat masa ni. kalau ada tempat tempat lain, aku update lain kali. till then, salam...

things i miss about school


selepas siap tambah, tolak ,darab, bahagi,  dan kuasa dua it was almost four months since i left school. aawwwww..... and i miss my school. badly. bukan aku rindu sangat pun bangunan sekolah, kelas, DM etc etc etc. the truth is, i miss my friends. tremendously. mana taknya, we've been hanging out since like forever. ceh ceh ceh! so i decided to list a few things that i miss the most

1. Mengeteh
oh yeahhh, ini adalah habit aku, izyan, syikin, husna dan etc etc lagi sejak dari form 4. kami orang siap ada pantry lagi. iaitu locker syikin sebab locker dia kosong. heheh.masing- masing supply macam-macam. aku bawak jug kettle. izyan supply gula, husna supply segala macam 3 in 1, syikin supply perkakas-perkakas lain. biskut/maggi tu sendiri pandai pandai belilah. you know what, having a decent cup of tea/nescafe/milo/horlicks/ while chit chatting/gossiping/stalking with your besties was heaven. 

2. shower-talking
yang ni macam mengarut sikit. tapi, bila korang pernah duduk hostel. this kinda makes sense sebabnya shower dlm toilet hostel kan sebelah sebelah je, so memang senang lah nak berinteraksi dengan orang dalam shower sebelah. haha, tak de kerja kut. tapi ni memang hobi aku lagi-lagi time spm, sebab semua orang dah balik dan tinggal form five je. so nak menghilangkan kesunyian, borak ah dengan orang sebelah. tak de lah krik krik time mandi. ps-pastikan dalam shower sebelah betul-betul orang bukannya....

3. ambik food pada tengahari hari sabtu
hahah. memandangkan my dearest friend, izyan khatim duduk pekan(tapi sekarang dia dah pindah puncak alam) her parents datang hampir setiap weekends kut. and her parents never fails to bring us food.kadang-kadang kitorang siap order lagi. yumm yummm. alhamdulillah! yang paling best nye bila tengah lepak-lepak dalam dorm time pukul 2/3 petang(waktu budak hostel tidur) dengan perut berkeroncong tetiba dapat call/text dari  izyan suruh turun amik food. tanpa melengahkan masa, me and syikin sarung jubah itam wham bam terus turun amik food. bila jalan depan surau, orang pandang semacam sebab minah jubah itam dua orang ni syok gila bawak segala macam makanan macam orang tak makan seminggu.

4. burning the midnight oil with my mates
serious wehh aku rindu nak stay up. there was one time during our SBP trials back in july/august we stayed up until sahur sebab esoknya tu exam bio. bio tu kan kononnya killer lah sangat sampai sanggup tak tidur the night before. punya khosyuk study sampai tak sedar yg dah ada dua tiga kerat manusia bangun nak sahur. huhu. mulalah sesorang gelabah nak kemas barang then tidur. esoknya masuk dewan 1/2 mabuk+mamai. nasibla last paper before pulang bermalam. ahahah

5. everything that involves murad...?
yang ni memang bittersweet habis. yeap, there was time when i do curse a lot bila buat kerja kerja sebagai secretary murad. but honestly , i love murad. i cherished every single moments being a muradian. maaaannn, i can't believe i said this. murad terbaik because......... murad is very very competitive!! tak kira lah apa benda event, dari KOT(kejohanan olahraga tahunan) sampai lah shah ungggul, kalau boleh semua acara dekat sekolah tu kita orang nak menang. segala macam tactics kita orang plan.

6. bersantap maggi ramai-ramai
maggi dan budak hostel memang tidak dapat dipisahkan ibarat isi dan kuku....? one thing is for sure maggi kalau makan sorang sorang memang tak syok langsung kawan kawan. dah dua tiga kali aku buat dekat rumah, dan memang ternyata tak ada ke-ummmpphh-an nya makan maggi. tapi, bila bersantap ramai-ramai, sesorang bertukar jadi piranha dekat amazon. sebungkus maggi tu kadang kadang boleh share sampai empat kepala.

till then!

Thursday, 21 March 2013



sebagaimana yang sedia maklum result SPM 2012 was announced today. before that, a massive thank you to my umi and engku for your endless support. i know, i can be a wreck sometimes. a massive thank you to all my dearest teachers.i'd be nowhere without all of you. a massive thank you to all my friends for all that we've been through. and a massive thank you to all my whimsical family out there. alhamdulillah, i managed to get

the first few moments when i hold the slip, i felt giddy. this is surreal. biar betul?? aku dah dapat result SPM.  keadaan time tuh punya lah kucar. dengan orang call sana sini nya. hahah. and semestinya ada part touching-touching sikit, peluk-peluk sikit, salam-salam sikit, tq tq sikit. or should i say banyak? heheh. dan kucar kucar lagi.

my instinct was quite right actually. bila time salam teacher ainey and she said "satu lagi". i was like, "ok zaf, kau rasa kau tahu kan subjek apa yang sangkut". dan aku senyap je selama lama pengetua dan gpk berucap bentang sana sini pasal result because i already knew it. heheh. bila time cikgu TZ announced calon straight A's,  dia sebut nama sorang sorang, result sorang sorang... honestly, i was crushed. siapa tak jealous kan tengok kawan kawan naik stage dengan parents ambil result? misi aku nak ambil result atas stage was gone. 

eehehe... kesimpulannya, Allah tahu yang tahu apa yang terbaik untuk hambaNya. dan aku percaya getting 4A+,4A,1A- and 1B+ in spm adalah yang terbaik bagi aku. maybe one of the reason was that, i never gave a damn about physics during my form four year. masuk lab je, mata layu.then, zzzz. heheheh. bila time form five dah tak terkejar. i have no one to blame except for myself. 

i'm the luckiest person on earth, since my parents are so understanding. heee heee, walaupun result aku ni tak seberapa i still got a present.  oh thank you umi for my new best friend... xoxo-you know i love you!!