Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hello February!!


firstly, happy belated new year everyone!! i was so busy with my finals and outbound programme last january hence i didn't manage to write anything in this space. so yeah that's the case. i just got back from the brunei darussalam after spending two weeks there undergoing global discovery programme conducted by universiti brunei darussalam (UBD). it was an eye opening experience for me. i'll tell you more about it later can ah? 

hmm what else...

oh ya, i got three weeks left to have my freedom before new semester kicks in and drowns me again! lols. i still haven't start writing on my last trip to spain and i have no idea when i'm going to start! gosh, i am such a lazy blogger. but don't fret peeps, it will eventually be up on this blog sooner or later. that i promise you.

that's about it i guess.

till then ;)

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  1. I am your biggest fan darling!!! I'm eagerly waiting for your next entry esp your espana trip���� you princess!!