Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 year in review

hello there!!

since 2015 is going to end in a couple hours from now, i would like to recap events that made 2015 a very exceptional year. let's start

1) conquered Mount Kinabalu in january this year. 

oh God, i never expected that i'd be able to climb up the mighty mountain since i'm the menyorok-dalam-locker-sebab-taknak -pergi-riadah type of girl back then! ahah. but life's is all about getting out of your comfort zone and keep on challenging yourself mentally and physically. so go out there and just freaking do it!! btw, i wrote a lengthy post about this adventure, click here if you haven't read it.

2) finally bought my own freaking camera!! 

i've been planning on buying my own camera since forever! eh takde lah lama sama sangat sampai macam tu. honestly, lama jugak lah plan nak own a camera ni. sejak lepas spm dulu ada kut. huhu three years later, without any freaking knowledge and talent in photography and with some serious injuries to my bank savings account i bought a mirrorless Fujifilm X-M1. this bad boy is named jack fyi. i still didn't manage to fully explore this bad boy but nevermind he'll always be there waiting for me. pffft

3) hop on a train and went to Singapore for a day trip

last april if i'm not mistaken, during my midsemester break, i went to singapore with four other amazing ladies to explore the merlion city. it was a short trip full with lots of activities. more on that in A day in Singapore Part 1 and Part 2 blogpost

4) roadtrip-ing Spain for three weeks with my grand-aunty tok teh and my cousin

i just got back from Spain two weeks ago and i haven't had the proper time to actually sit down and write a decent post about this amazing trip. uni life is drowning me alive!! ahahah. the story goes like this, few months back, my grand aunty tok teh offered me to join her for a roadtrip to spain. i said yes and then this happens! 

there are so many things that i want to share with all of you out there so do keep an eye on this space. i'll try my best to update on this as soon as possible or maybe not?! ya know, i am a slow and lazy writer. pfffft

sooo this is it.

adios 2015, you have been amazing all year round full with sugar, spice and everything nice. and not so nice also. ahahaha. ohhh i almost forgot about this one thing, i'm in my finals week right now until the 11th of january so to all of you lovely souls out there, pray for me por favor .


see ya in 2016 peeps!


  1. nice year for you and hopefully, Allah's will you will do you utmost with your study, wish you all the best, nice view of extensive Spain in your next posting ya..................

    1. thank you so much for your warm wishes. i hope you have a wonderful year ahead:)

  2. Cant wait for the road trip entry!

  3. Cant wait for the road trip entry!