Thursday, 21 April 2016

Back to school 2.0

before i proceed,

let me tell ya that, i didn't really go back to my own school which is SHAH pekan. 

ahh maaaaaan...

in fact, i went to my brother's school (SBPI Temerloh) to attend his awards ceremony. both of my parents couldn't make it since they have other responsibilities elsewhere so they asked me to represent them. i was quite reluctant at first sebab kena bangun awal. (the ceremony was on the first day of my midsemester break, so as usual, i plan to spend my day on my comfy bed) but as a supportive daughter and sister (ececehhh) i put aside my so-called plan and went to his school.

we(i went there with my mak cu) arrived there dalam pukul 9 lebih macam tu. just in time for the ceremony to start. upon entering the hall, we heard the dua being recited, i was searching for my brother in the crowd but little did i know, he was on the stage reciting the dua. ahahah. tu pun bukannya perasan pun at first. mak cu yang perasan suara familiar orang baca dua tu rupanya bila tengok kat stage ehh betullah, memang budak irsyad tu. hehe. boleh tahan jugak irsyad bila kat sekolah. smart berbaju biru pengawas, terserlah segala bakat ala pemimpin berkaliber gituhhh #proudsister ahahahah. terus tetibe teringat dekat crush zaman sekolah dulu-dulu. gahhh what even.... okay back to the main topic pleasee...

there are couple of performances in between the awards session. adalah student form 2 3 (maybe) perfom dikir barat and sketsa muzikal. ahhh man rindu gila tengok performance budak sekolah. back then, it was my friends performing on that stage.(i mean stage kat SHAH dulu lah) dikir barat what not, it was always enjoyable seeing my friends perform even kadang-kadang takdelah best pun persembahan. ahahah. tapi sebab support each other la kannn... and don't even get me started about 'semangat rumah' sampai bila-bila takkan habis cerita

waktu dalam dewan sementara nak tunggu majlis habis, i was having a major throwback session in my head while observing the surrounding. senior-junior relation, (i totally forgot the hostel slang for this so-called relationship) pergi makan kat dewan makan etc. being in a hostel is one of the best thing that ever happen to me. (walaupun dulu-dulu sibuk nak balik rumah).  i made lots of good friends. macam brothers and sisters. though sekarang i only manage to really keep in touch with like 5 of them je. biasalah, ada yang dah drift away with their own life.

okay now back to reality...

my bro Irsyad was awarded for his excellent achievement in last year's PT3 examination. with the effort that he made, i truly believe that he deserves the result and the award. well, bukan senang wo PT3 dengan soalan KBAT and what not. ahah

this is the only decent photo that i managed to snap

samping was senget but whatevs

last but not least, dah alang-alang kena dress decently for the ceremony ootd photo is a must laa kannn. lagi-lagi bila lighting apa semua nice...

scarf : the blooming duck white peonies
top : fv basics 
pants: seluar pandu puteri zaman sekolah (omg it still fits!)
shoes : pinjam kasut umi


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  1. Thank you for writing! Love reading this soo much! Indeed umi and engku are grateful that you could be there for him....on many instances he had told me that u are his greatest inspiration..keep on soaring high in tour academic achievement while not forgetting your responsibility as a muslim..Support each other as siblings should take care of each suppor all your brothers as I know you are now playing the role of a big sister to your best! Love you to the moon n back darling! Always our darling princess!!