Sunday, 24 February 2013

fangirling is damn sickening!!

it was universally acknowledged by (devoted)Directioners across the globe that one direction kicked off their TMH tour yesterday at O2 Arena in London. and for those who will never ever get a chance to go to their concert i bet it was damn dissapointing right?! and as for me, all i could do was lying on my bed, fangirling one direction on twitter and waiting for someone to post a livestream. hey ho, i have to give credits to zarashannon. idk how she did it but i managed to watch the concert illegally for at least 40 minutes. thanks to technology i suppose. hell yeah, i'm sick and tired of doing this but no. i couldn't help it. fangirling is damn sickening and but i am trully, madly,deeply,hopelessly and insanely addicted-Z

Saturday, 23 February 2013

and now i'm addicted to Julie James

i've been reading romance novels literally since... i was like sixteen?! and the first novel was every breath you take by Judith Mcnaught. back then, reading 'that' kind of novel was quite... ngehehehe. how do i phrase this... hmmm... akward?!. yup, akward. it took time for me to 'digest', interpret and fully understood all the dialogues,descriptions, phrases, etc etc. i mean like, semua ayat novel tu kadang-kadang hiperbola sangat kawan. how the hell am i going to imagine this:-

"his features looked as if they had been chiseled out of granite by some scluptor who had been intent on potraying brute strength and raw virility-not male beauty. his chin was square,his nose straight, his jaw hard with iron determination. all in all, meredith thought he looked arrogant,proud, and though. but then, she'd never been attracted to dark, overly macho men"-Paradise, Judith Mcnaught, pg 75

haa.... cana tuh?? waktu jadi 1st timer memang nganga habis. dasyat sangat. tak terbayang aku. tapi kan, bila dah lama, semacam je. balik-balik aku bayang muka sama je. kalau hero dia blonde,i imagine the hero to be ryan gosling-ish or jensen ackles-ish, kalau yang dark and brooding type ,aku imagine ala-ala Ian somerhalder/bradley cooper/ed westwick/channing tatum and matt bomer-cut the matt bomer part 'cause i just realised the fact he's gay. isk isk. forget bout that.

recently, i discovered a not-so-new writer named Julie James. credits to my mom's trainer, Mr. i-think-his-name-is-David who introduced us to julie's novel. my-oh-my. she's such a great writer. in three days time, i managed to finish reading three of her novels. yup, three days, three novels. hebat tak hebatnya zaf. punya lah kemaruk. kalau suruh baca the curse zaman form 5 dulu,memang haram la. ngehehe...

i started reading JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. wohooo... maaaannn. this novel is damn awesome. it was like having channing tatum-aka 2012 sexiest man alive-at your front door. exaggerating. seriously, i couldn't stop reading. sedar-sedar dah habis baca. thanks to jason andrews for his lethal charm and devil-may-care attitude i'm head over christian louboutin heels. haha. i want a piece of jason andrews! desperately!  
hell now i'm addicted to julie james. damn addicted.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

if i lose myself

hey ho, this is one helluva great song. ryan tedder has an amaaaaaazingggggg voice!! i kept replaying this song for the past two days. one republic is such an awesome group though it took years for them to come up with a new album. kan kan kan??

Monday, 11 February 2013


maaannn...! aku tak tahu berapa kali aku dah tengok trailer ni. seriously, rasa macam nak nangis dalam kegembiraan wehh!!! memang aku ni dasar kemaruk 1D...

the last part when liam said, "i've always wanted a little brothers, now i've got four of them" is sangat, teramat damn sweet. isk isk isk. how can i not loved them?? kan kan kan??!!

Friday, 8 February 2013


hello there!!!

fyi, i past my JPJ test today!! hey ho!! yahoooo!!! setelah sebulan lebih berhempas pulas belajar segala mak nenek tentang cara nak bawak kereta manual, finally, i nailed the the test!! 

before that, a MASSIVE thank you to umi and engku for permitting me to ambil lesen, a MASSIVE thank you to Cik Zura for teaching and sharing me all the skills in driving a manual car, a MASSIVE thank you to Mak Cu laily sebab jadi 'tukang jemput hantar'  + partime driving instructor, lastly, A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO MYSELF, zafirah, AS I MANAGE TO PASS THE TEST in my first trial.  hey ho, that was quite an achievement!-ayat nak 'massive thank you" ala 1D

allow me to tell you a few details about my great JPJ TEST day, awal-awal pagi hujan selebat-lebat hujan kut, hujan rahmat tu... then, i got to know that i was in the last session. okay, no problem. but being the first person for the last session was quite something. on the way dalam kereta dengan mak cu, there was like eight dozens butterflies in my stomach. but since, i was to wait for quite a long time, suprisingly, the butterflies vanished.  ha-di-ha. then, tunggu,tunggu, tunggu dan tunggu...

sedar-sedar , en. JPJ dah panggil suruh naik bukit. hahaha.... aku beraksi lah. alhamdulillah, lepas!! yayyyy!! then buat parking segala. then drive dekat jalan raya. this was the interesting part. adrenaline rushed into my bloodstream, cehh cehh cehh .teruja+gelabah+cuak. hahahaha. masuk kereta, letak bag dekat belakang, cuak punya pasal bag jatuh. habis segala mak nenek dalam bag keluar. ignore sudah. kan? aku start engine then drive. rahsia-rahsia, en JPJ dalam kereta tadi smart lah gak, hahah. nak sedapkan hati. 

so, lepas siap drive di jalan raya, aku ambil bag then keluar kereta then signed itu ini. then decided to call mak cu to ask her to pick me up. raba-raba bag, raba -raba poket, ahsudah phone aku ghaib. sah-sah terjatuh dalam kereta dan aku tak perasan. apa lagi, buat drama aku tadi. kejar kereta JPJ depan orang ramai . glamour murahan kawan! bak kata dearest cikgu salina.

apa-apa pun, a MASSIVE thank you kepada semua pihak yang terlibat secara langsung mahupun tidak langsung dalam menjayakan misi zafirah mendapatkan lesen P. sekian. salam-Z

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

how i wish it was true

it's not that hard to admit the fact that i, zafirah do have a huge, massive, humungous crush on 1D. ecspecially zayn malik. even my youngest brother, irfan noticed it. yes, indeed. the problem is that, he can't stop yelling and telling other people(i mean my family) that "kak long suka zayn!!" okay, that was acceptable. but when he started screaming "zayn malik laki kak long!!" it was hillarious. zayn's my man?! seriously irfan?! hahaha. i'm doomed if the whole family knew it. yang tahu siapa zayn tu maybe dia faham. kut. buat ada mak cik, pak cik aku yang tak kenal siapa zayn malik, mau kene soal siasat. above all of that, how i wish it was true-Z

Monday, 4 February 2013

They don’t know about us

they don't know about the things we do
they don't know about the i love you's
but i bet you if they only knew
they would just be jealous of us
they don't know about the up all night's
they don't know i've waited all my life

Random Rambling part 2

breathe in, breathe out, in, out, in, out....

seriously, ONE DIRECTION NEVER FAILS TO MAKE ME HYPERVENTILATE!!!!! yup, they never fail. just now, i watched 1D performing at Madison Square Garden back in november/december. and i was trying my best not to cry while grinning in front of my laptop. what can i say....? they're so talented!! i can't stoop swooning because A) zayn malik is 200% pure hotness and talent, B) harry is always oh-so-charming, C)well, liarm is liam, D) the oh-so-cute-and-cheeky niall and louis.

bukti zayn is pure talent and hotness

no one, i presume could ever refuse them. well, mestilah minus the haters. aku tak pernah bayangkan betapa dasyatnya badi boyband. my mom once pernah kejar je tommy page back in the 80's. jangan main-main, terror tak terror my mom dapat wehh signature. siap pergi konsert bagai. yang paling lawak, dia siap beli cd, then pasang dekat tv, then ambil gambar sebelah tv yang terpampang gambar boyband zaman dulu. aku tak pernah buat gitu. huhu, setakat ni, memang kalah lah aku. 

but i can guarantee that if 1D ever come to malaysia, aku memang kejar ah. peduli apa. btw, semalam tidur mimpi 1D kut. 

bye bye, before that, hah, dengar ni...

Random Rambling

okay, dengar tajuk pun entah apa-apa.

sebagaimana yang anda sedia maklum dalam post saya sebelum ini, i'm a Directioner. A Directioner. get it? so far, i've heard all songs from their latest album, Take Me Home. semua best + awesome. either their songs memang terbaik or, i'm trully,madly, deeply in love with 1D.

one thing is for sure, though zayn is nakal, with all his alleged cheating scandal, i adored him the most. he's the most talented member. who could refuse zayn?? well, not me. 

the fact that he's in a relationship with Perrie Edward,the purple haired lass memang sangat, teramat, mengecewakan. well, why can't he date a normal person, with a normal hair colour, kan kan kan? untung perrie. maybe taste zayn sebegitu kut .....hmmm. hahah. 

Hi everyone, just a quick message to say I love all you guys, without your support I don't know what I'd do :) x

isk isk. terharu terharu....