Thursday, 30 January 2014

The First

approximately a week ago or so, on the same day

the night before the last paper,
at the cafe

"habis paper bi esok nak buat apa?" 
"keluar jom!" 
"nak buat apa? pergi mana?"

out of the blue,one of us said...

"cam best. boleh gak."
"tapikan...... aku tak pernah try"
"aku pun!"
"aku..... pun"
"aku pernah sekali je. tapi tu pun dengan kawan aku yang terror."
"kita tibai je"

Berbekalkan semangat yang kental the four of us went to royale bintang damansara ice skating rink.

here we go...

the first challenge was to wear the frigging shoes. i never thought that it would be that hard. but, in that i succeeded. ahhhhh..... the trepidation. mak aih. sampai je dekat ice rink tu i was like "hell no, it's so slippery! how am i gonna walk/skate/slide on that?!" im not gonna make it. am not. not. gonna. make. iiiiiit. tapi takkan kita nak biarkan  25 hengget melayangkan gitu je kan?! so, nak ke tak nak, kau dah sampai. dah siap pakai kasut bagai. there was no turning back girl.

in less than 5 minutes, dah ada 2/3 percubaan yang dilakukan oleh kitorang untuk bergolek atas ice. tapi, kita kena control macho kan?!tak ke gitu?! so we tried our best to move our feet on the ice. i could barely called it walking. mihihih. jalan ke hulu. jalan ke hilir di tepi rink. nak main dekat tengah tengah takut kena langgar. almaklumlah,  skater amateur. even berjalan dengan memegang bende biru tu pun aku boleh ter-slide. bukkkk. malu memang tak payah cakap la. konon gelak gelak padahal nak nangis pun ada. 

then there was this little girl. irina if i was not mistaken. she volunteered herself to sort of teach us the rightful way to skate. hehehe. she started skating when she was eight. now at twelve, she is a pro. weolls?! at eighteen baru menjejakkan kaki.  hasilnya, sorang sorang  jatuh tergolek. except armi. terror betul dia. from what i could remember, irina cakap kaki bukak kecik V. time nak jalan langkah kecik kecik. "kecik, kecik, kecik" that was my mantra for the next hour. however, the mantra cannot prevent me from falling. i keep falling, i keep falling*yuna style* lebih dari 5 kali aku jatuh for sure. dengan naomi dah duaaa kut. ngeh. sendiri tergolek, lagi banyak. the epic falling of zafirah i could simply called it. the last time jatuh memang yang paling hebat. boleh beku punggung bertapa atas ice. 

there was one time when dania tarik aku ajak skate side by side. i was praying hard. really hard. so that i would not slipped . mati aku kalau terhempap anak orang. that little girl, the pink one was so fragile. nasib kejadian yang tak diingini tak terjadi. fuhhh!

the last hour i managed to skate(more like moon-walking sebenarnya) dekat tengah tengah rink.thanks to our instructor!! ok lah tu. first time kan? cuba bayangkan kalau aku start train dari kecik kecik, confirm jadi pro lah!! cakap besar ye kau zaf! 

that night,
"kau ada minyak tak?"
"ada. yang ni dia tulis boleh guna untuk sakit sendi dan sengal otot. nah"

Sunday, 12 January 2014

now i've a solid reason to support MU

Adnan Januzaj

pffffffffffffft.  the title does sounds ridiculous though. ada ke patut?! idk what has got into me. looks like i've been charmed by this belgian-born footballer.

it all started when i flipped the newspaper today, and i saw him(his picture to be exact). my mouth went dry. bla lah kau zaf, ayat nak novel! i just can't. he's super cute. athletically build . plus, he's a muslim. and to add the cherry on top, he's a football player . a Manchester United football player. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he's the same age as me!! how cool is that?!

well i suppose now i've  to support ManU since my pujaan hati will be playing.*barf
boleh laa slow slow hint dekat umi and engku aku dah jumpa calon.
the heck?!
ok. lupakan.


*pictures-courtesy of google

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Young People

"all young people worry about things, it's natural and inevitable part of growing up, and at the age of sixteen, my greatest anxiety in life was that i'd never again achieve anything as good, or pure, or noble, or true as my O-Level results. and i suppose i still might not. but that was a long, long time ago. i'm nineteen now, and i like to think i'm a lot wiser and cooler about these things"

- Starter for Ten by David Nicholls-

it's 2014!
happy new year though
am i the only person who still feels like its 2013?! 

it has been quite some time since i last wrote this thingy. maybe back in..........? idk?! i seem to have fail in remembering the last time  manage to write a decent post. frankly saying, theprevious post was quite crappie.yup. crappie. and i've been cranky most of the time. who doesn't by the way.

alhamdulillah, i'm still continuing my studies in 'that place' though i'm almost on the verge of being kicked out. cuak dia.... bukan main lagi!! after i received my final results for the first semester i can simply said that i'm tearing apart. and damned. for someone who receives that kind of CGPA, it's almost the end of the world. almost. but! but when i try to view things in the other way, i still got my chances. getting that kind of CGPA is not the end of the world actually. it's just a reminder that one fails at some point of their lives. it's inevitable! the real question is wether one can rise or not after having a major can you or can you not m'lady?