Thursday, 26 May 2016

short update



i'm currently in my second last week in the semester, as usual there are tons of work to be done, but here i am forever being distracted by everything. for goodness sake, i've been sitting in front of my laptop since three hours ago but until now i only manage to write about three lines of sentences. omg!! wake up zafirahhhhhhhh!! ada tiga lagi assignment that needs to be submitted by wednesday  and thursday next week!! it's not going to take much time if you can just focus about teeny weeny bit of your time to truly write the assignment!! 

i swear i was much more motivated writing my assignments last semester even tengah high and jetlagged from my last trip to spain!! goshhh i miss that country! okay enough. 

omg zafirah, common la wehhh... tinggal seminggu lagi jeee

buat je la assignment tu, submit and then reda je la dengan carry marks

and then study for your finals and pray hard that you won't repeat the same subjects during next semester...

i just want this semester to end so badly, sejak dari mula sem bukak lagi dah...

since the semester is ending soon, pleaseeeeeee just do your thang and don't fcked up 


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I'm a mess!


feel like killing myself for all the procrastination i have done in this semester. bila dah week 12 baru gelabah nak buat hefty writing assignments yang lecturer dah bagi dari week 1. ahahahahah sekarang memang nak gelakkan diri sendiri je. takde mood and idea kan katanya semester ni. sebab itulah semua benda nak tangguh until the very last minute. hadap je lah zafirah. ada dua minggu lagi for you to deal with all this things before your finals strike. omgomgomg. dah lah ada dua hari yang ada dua paper back to back. #ripfinals.

dahlah tak start study langsung lagi for my freaking biology subjects. lol. hmmmm. tak tahu nak cakap apa dah. wait and see je lah bila result keluar nanti.

oh btw, lately i discovered not so new ed sheeran's songs from his 'multiply' album released two years ago. damn it, baru sekarang boleh perasan lagu diaaa. ahahahah

Oh I'm a mess right now
Inside out
Searching for a sweet surrender
But this is not the end
I can't work it out
How going through the motions
Going through us
And oh I've known it for the longest time
And all of my hopes
All of my own words
Are all over written on the signs
But you're on my road
Walking me home

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


i am so mad and frustrated with myself right now.

i was supposed to start writing for my assignments since forever but i failed to do so because i don't have the idea and willingness. i did try to write it, many many times but somehow each time. it reaches a dead end. how am i going to explain this my lecturer haa?? "Dr. saya tak buat assignment sebab saya tak ada idea and mood" is this a valid explanation/excuse?? of course not. no lecturer will accept it i think. dah lah last semester i submitted a very shitty paper to the effing same lecturer. takkan lah semester ni nak teruskan dengan perangai karut sem lepas?! nonetheless but he still managed to give me a good grade in my finals though my carry marks stinks. sumpah rasa macam i-don't-deserve-this-good-grade.

it's not like i didn't put any effort into it... i already started reading some of the articles that i searched online but when it comes to writing the paper, i have no single clue on where to begin with. yes, i do know the format and the basic stuffs but i don't know how to physically do it. i only managed to write one or two sentences. after that, nope. tak ada idea how to continue writing it. wehh i have a 5000 words report due three weeks from now. and this is only for one particular subjects. belum yang lain-lain.

ohemmgeeee this is sooo stressful.