Friday, 2 September 2016

New Zealand | Part 1 : My journey has begun

hello people!!

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this space has been abandoned for while i guess. sorry for that. ahaha

so i just returned from a two weeks of travelling to the land of middle earth aka New Zealand!! yup, i FREAKING TRAVEL TO NEW ZEALAND!! FINALLY!! sometime i still cannot comprehend that i finally travel to the one country that has been in bucket list since forever. tbh, i didn't expect this trip to happen in the near future, but then again i got lucky. as in rezeki was on my side and i finally managed to visit and experience the land of middle earth. 

all the preparations etc were made three weeks prior to this trip. agak ad hoc jugaklah for someone who rarely do travel jauh. this was my first time being in charge planning the itinerary and whatnot. so yeah it was challenging as there were too many places/things i wanted to go/do but got limited time. yep. two weeks is not enough for this NZ die hard fan. nonetheless i gotta make use of the time given. ye lah kan, travelling NZ can be quite expensive so nak kutip duit kat celah mana untuk tampung all those accommodation, transport and food kalau nak jalan lama-lama ahahah. after many considerations i decided to spent 9 days in south island and 5 days in north island. 

we as in me, makcu and tok teh flew to NZ on the 15th and return back on the 29th. it was a long eleven hours of direct flight from KL to Auckland. upon arriving in auckland we then took another two hours flight to queenstown via air new zealand. the flight to queenstown was so awesome as the plane tak terbang tinggi sangat therefore we can catch the first glimpse of the snow capped mountains in NZ. and at that particular time i already knew i that i had fallen in love with NZ. cehhh. belum pijak the kiwi soil lagi dah fall in love bagai kau...

macam painting je bila tengok keluar tingkap. the pastel sky is so freaking stunning. we were so lucky sebab boleh tengok sunset dari dalam plane. at 8-ish we arrived in queenstown airport. since it was still in winter season, malam dia cepat. dalam pukul 6 dah gelap. lepas dapat rental car kononnya nak pergi dinner dulu before check in. but unfortunately we couldn't find the gps. so sepatutnya ada gps included dalam kereta but the company did not provide it. maybe terlupa nak letak ke apa idk. dah buang masa sebab konon nak cari gps dalam kereta rupanya memang takde. at last, we asked the people at the information counter for the direction to our accomodation and the supermarket.

fyi, our accommodation was situated in a small town named kingston which took about 40 minutes drive from queenstown. some of you may wonder "apa jadah la duduk jauh dari bandar?" the thing is, we booked the accommodation two weeks before the trip therefore most of the accommodation within our budget is fully booked. yang harga rm600 ++ banyaklah. so we decided to stay a bit further from the city. cuak jugaklah nak drive kat NZ waktu malam. but we got no choice. with the aid of HERE maps app and physical map yang orang kat info counter tu provide we olls redah je la. thankfully  the maps lead us the right direction and we arrive at our accommodation at 10 ish.


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