Wednesday, 24 April 2013

About That Night : The Review

hey ya peeps!!

so, i've just finished reading this novel. and i'm going to describe it as.... wicked!!! bahahaha. i've never read a novel which the hero was an ex-con convicted for hacking twitter in order to delete a video and a tweet posted by his ex-victoria secret model girlfriend. 

This Kyle Rhodes aka smug dimples/twitter terrorist is a work hard, play hard kinda guy. and i loike him. a lot.  the interesting part was to witness his transformation from being a fresh graduated college boy, to a twitter terrorist, to an ex-con and to a man who starts his own empire. plus,i admire how he took his responsibility being a son and a brother. hew hew hew. speaking of Rylann Pierce aka prosecurtrix pierce. she's a typical julia james's heroine. that's all

so peeps, what's not to like about smug dimples??

Monday, 22 April 2013

Kids Don't Lie...

salam, hey ya!!

last thursday(i think so) umi asked me to bring my so-called little brother irfan to a clinic since he was not feeling well. and i reluctantly went to the clinic with him and mak cu. so after 15 minutes  of waiting, we met the doctor. the following are the conversations between irfan and mr. doctor lepas mr. doctor siap check irfan:-

mr. doctor: irfan, kak long buat apa dekat rumah??
irfan: TIDUR!!!
mr. doctor: dia buat apa lagi??
irfan: tengok TV!!
mr. doctor : dia jaga irfan tak??
irfan : jaga
mr. doctor : dia pukul tak?
irfan : tak pun
mr. doctor : betul ke??
irfan :  betul2...

ohohoiiiii. pecah tembelang aku depan doctor tu. nasib la sejak dari kecik memang dia dah kenal dengan  aku. kalau tak, tak tau aku nak letak muka dekat mana. nasib lah the last two questions tu irfan cover sikit. kalau tak, memang kantoii aku muka menyakat dia dekat rumah. bertuah punya budak. one thing is for sure, i did interupt their conversations by denying the fact that i do sleep+watch tv a lot. namun demikian, aku dipangkah oleh adik sendiri kut... muka aku tebal macam tembok besar china dah lepas keluar dari bilik doktor. irfan dengan doctor tu pulak bukan main syok lagi gelak dekat aku. haishhhh... sabar jela. 

p/s : kalau nak korek rahsia, orang pertama yang kita boleh cari is budak kecik since kids never lie

toodles ;)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

SAFE HAVEN : The Review

so, i've just finished watching safe haven! maaann.... the whole story was so heart-breaking to watch. i didn't plan to watch it at first but since the hero is alex and alex is josh duhamel, i couldn't refuse to not watch it. just so you know, safe haven was adapted from the novel itself written by Nicholas Sparks. Heheh, i can guarantee that many of you know nicholas sparks. bila sebut nicholas sparks, mesti kena ada tisu. sebab?!

1. mesti ada yang mati
2. mesti ada surat yang sadis... bahahaha
3. mesti ada hero/heroin yang buat aku ter"over-attached"

when the novel first came out back in 2011, i instantly bought it. nak kata aku minat sangat NS tak la tapi time tu memang rasa nak baca. i was sobbing like hell after reading the last letter that alex's late wife, Jo wrote to Katie. it was all because of this phrase...

How can I tell them that I love them if I'm no longer there?” 
― Nicholas SparksSafe Haven

dulu-dulu bila baca novel dia memang aku dah target kalau Josh Duhamel jadi Alex memang aku nak tengok ah. heheh. tau tau je memang dia jadi alex, aku hyperventilate kut. berbaldi aku nangis tengok my widowed hero.... hahaha. btw, kalau korang tak minat sangat cerita yang sadis macam ni, baik tak payah tengok terus.

all in all, the movie was mainly about second chances given to alex and katie since...

“That’s the thing about life. A lot of the time, it isn’t easy at all. We
just have to try to make the best of it.”
― Nicholas SparksSafe Haven

p/s aku kasi movie ni 3 bintang 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

my top 6 must-see tv shows


hehe. since i've been spending the past five months doing almost nothing at home, television is my new best friend yaww! in accordance to that, i would like to list down my top 6 must-see tv shows:-

1. Bones

2. Greek

3. Project Runway

4. So You Think You Can Dance

5. Cake Boss

6. Bake with Anna Olson

till then!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Choice...?

haha. i have to admit that the scenarios in matlutfi's video are very common among spm leavers. kan?? for the past few weeks after receiving my ok result, i've been thinking a lot about my future. ye ke?? ke kau berangan je lebih?? ahaha. honestly, i was puzzled by my own chameleonic decision. there were times when i cannot figure out what i really want to do with my life and my future. huishh, bahaya bunyinya tu!! but it's the reality. plus, i suck at making though decisions. 

there was one time when i wanted to be a lawyer. badly. hehe. i bet it was the influence by the excessive reading of john grisham's and julie james's novels. i was mesmerized by all the fame and glory of being a lawyer. after going through a lot of considerations, i cannot picture myself being one. zafirah...zafirah...

setelah bermalam-malam berfikir(ye ke?), i've decided to further my studies in science stream.(right now, i cannot give the exact details, but i will do it later) yeap . and there were no second thoughts about that. hehe, it was quite a predictable field of studies for someone like me. wait, i'm not doing this for the sake of my parents etc etc. i'm doing it for myself. well i do hope that it's the best for me. since life's full of risks, why not take one??