Friday, 13 April 2012

a thousand whys....?


it is "universally" acknowledge that this person had stalked a person for the past few years since she was in form 2. she was having a hard time trying to forget him and deleting memories of him from her memory cells. well, she succeeded at first last year. then, when it came sukantara and KOT and etc, she failed.... haha, a complete failure i suppose.

in 2012, the mission ( should i really need to call it a mission?! haha) sort of berjalan dengan sangat lancar as she manage to not do any communication. maaannnn..... how can i phrase this.... huhuhuhu.... then, out if the blue, there he was, igniting the sparks that was almost gone. like why did he do that?haha, tell me why?? cehhh... huhu

i did berstory telling with my jiran sebelah katil, syikin and husna. i have to admit that M memberikan impak besar. hahaha, a single word from him could make me tak tentu arah like last night. haha. aiyoooo, macam mana ek.

maaaannn... this was not a good idea. aku baru lepas stalk dia jap. hahah, what an embarassing thing to do. bahaahahaa!! tapi nak buat cana, i couldn't help it!!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

tegur orang pandai sangat, dia pun sama je...


so i was introduced to a besotted person last february and and he was quite okay at first. then, we started to get along.... then, when i returned back from last holiday, he completely change to a someone else. what the devil does he think he are?? duhh, nak berlagak alim sangat lah konon. blalah kau....

e conclusion, men are all same.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

hey you, congratulations...!!

bahaahhaah...... sumpah best gila jadi F

it is nationally acknowledge that spm results for 2011 had come out last march. and guess what?! MR F got straight a's!!! to be precise, 9 a+!! maaaannnn.... that was so amazing!! sumpah, memang tak boleh bla kut!! haha, i knew that he would be the best!! bahahahahaha.... tak sia-sia aku stalk dia last year. fyi, i manage to sort of contact him for the past two weeks. haha, credits for syikin bakri lah yang tolong mendapatkan number F dari sumber yang sangat boleh dipercayai. huhu, tak sangka dia layan. layan as in reply lah jugak sikit though i was quite pissed off texting with someone like him. it tooks centuries for F to reply. aku hantar malam tadi, tengahari esok baru reply. terbaikk lah. nevermind, aku dah lali dengan carrier stalk orang nie since form 2, so incident gini memang asam garam jadi stalker bahaha. btw, benda-benda gini at least dapat la nak hilangkan tension sikit kan. muahahahaha....(do i laught like some sinister stalker?!) haha...