Friday, 3 August 2012

that akward moment...

haha. i never imagined this could have happened. not in a thousand years. oh, how, can i phrase this... last wednesday, 1st august, was SHAH's 23rd anniversary. in accordance to that, the prefect organised an iftar to celebrate the event. well, i have to say that the iftar was quite a simple event.  but the truth is, i don't want to write about the iftar but the event that had happened a few hours before.

it is nationally acknowledged that all SBPians were having their trial examination including me. the previous night, at the hall, out of the blue, syikin bakri told me that my 09-11crush had already arrived for the upcoming iftar. my heart skip a beat. but i was like, okay... do i have to give a damn about it? no...lah. i'm utterly convinced that his presence wouldn't affect me. 

after managing to survive at the 'battlefield' that wednesday, as usual, miss ann's cafe set ada extra class that evening. i wasn't planning on attending it since it was not official class at all. tiba-tibe si arham and hanis ajak masuk gak. i was like, WHY?? memang kene pergi ke?? my friends beria encourage aku masuk class petang tu. after knowing that there will be an experience-sharing session with you-know-who(kalau tak tahu nanti tanya saya). tak nak aku join. bahh, ni memang dare-devil punye kerja. mana aku nak sorok muka hah??!! mati aku gini.

tapi, kuberanikan diri. masuk 5jasa. ambil tempat belakang husna. tengah-tengah aku kucar, tangan parkinson + sejuk semacam, you-know-who and his three other friends came in. sudahhhhh.... nasib lah si husna dzeidee tu tinggi, dapat lah cover line aku. the problem was, dia duduk direct depan husna. kalau husna ke tepi memang nampak ah. mak aii...baru je nak start, adib kenekan aku. alamak, jangan cakap dia ingat muka aku.

relax, relax. then the session started, orang cerita ini itu, banyak lah gak diorang share useful info for the next phase of life. you-know-who told that, we need to identify our passion,ability and etc etc. nak senang cakap, kene kenal yourself sedalam-dalamnya. gali jangan tak gali. nak kata wonderstruck, tak lah jugak, tapi sumpah, aku jadi macam tikus dalam kelas tuh. haram, satu soalan pun tak tanya. teringat zaman budak-budak punya pasal. setakat nak pandang muka time dia cakap berani lah, nak buat eye-contact tak berani aku. 

then, time adib bercerita experience dia organised event, miss ann sebut pasal indonesia punya camp. ayat last miss ann sambil pandang direct kat aku. "kan s/u?" . hoh, habis the senior cari siapa s/u.  the, satu class pandang aku. gobsmacked. i am.

you know what, i never expected that the fact being in the same place with him, seeing his familiar face, could silence me. could turn me upside down. all in all, i try my best not to show it. haha, zafirah kau memang tak akan immnune dengan you-know-who.