Sunday, 6 October 2013

the so-called-uncertainty

people who are close to you often expect you to make decisions about your career path and stick with them. they want you to be a "fire and forget" missile that zeros in on  target and pursue it relentlessly. but this isn't how things work. most people change courses many times before finding the match for their skills and interests. this is similar to the process of developing a product or designing new software-it's important to keep experimenting,trying lots of things until you find out what works. being too set on your path too early will likely lead you in the wrong direction.

taken from what i wish i knew when i was 20 -Tina Seelig

laters darlingggsss ;)


  1. You'll be fine my dear, :), sooner or just part of growing up, enjoy it while you can...its growing pains...and I know it....I can't promise the life will be like a fairy tale (as I or you or everyone wants ;p)...but I can promise this every up and down is worth for you to lived it! Just remember every people has different views on life, career, life objectives even your closes one, because of their background and own experience just accept and respect that...make it as examples or something to thought about in making decision in life...what more you can't satisfied each one of them, in the end it is still in your hand, your decision because it's your life! Yeah your life, my life...but that so called "my life" is mostly not alone, its related to to others, what we can do but to accept it. Though, keep in mind that every decision that you make just please make sure that YOU feel happy & 'comfy' about it ;p....It's life and it's yours...:)...

  2. hahaha, there again I'm babbling to sorry but u just have to endure beacuse it's from your cutest aunt!!!...;p

    1. macam tak biase je. hehehhehehe. btw, when's the next girls hangout??

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