Sunday, 27 March 2016

All too 'well'

And I know it's long gone,
And that magic's not here no more,
And I might be okay,
But I'm not fine at all.

suddenly, this particular lines form tswift all too well seems so relatable...

lately i am not in the mood to deal with things associated with my studies. from attending classes to doing my assignments etc. yep. i've been acting like this from the beginning of the semester up until now (week6=midsemester) entah fius apa yang problem. or maybe because i'm currently in my fourth semester. so time ni dia macam laghaa sikit. hahah. i only enjoy attending my ko-k classes which is gamelan. time gamelan aku memang enjoy tho kekadang aku selalu salah ketuk and out of tune. but hey at least class ni takde weekly assignment yang kena submit kat spectrum. class lain-lain i'm like nope. kalau dah bangun lambat sikit je memang terus tak pergi lah. back then i was in my first year, setakat lambat setengah jam pun aku gigh lagi nak pergi. sekarang?! memang terus sambung tido. lagi-lagi kalau kelas pukul 9. 

assignment pun memang confirm buat last minute though i've been planning to do it asap (mampu plan dalam kepala je) tindakannya takde. ahah. lepas tu mula lah tak dapat balik kampung during the weekends. oh ya, i forgot to mention about this habit of mine(balik kampung). fyi, i went back to my hometown almost every weekends in this semester. setakat ini baru ada dua weekend je kut tak balik. i don't care about other people judgement ke apa. wehh people, idk bout y'all but from my own experience duit lagi banyak habis if you spent your weekends at the college compared to when you go back to hometown. at least bila balik kampung baru habis about RM30. ini dah include duit tiket bas pergi balik plus tambang lrt  and teksi. the bright side is, you gotta spend your time with your family and have unlimited supply of food and wifi. siapa tak nak kann... kalau stay kat kolej mula lah gatal nak keluar jimba pastu buy unnecessary things. buat habis duit je

now there's two weeks left before midsemester kicks in and i seriously need to get a grip on myself cause there's two upcoming test and tons of assignments to be submitted.

may the odds be ever in my favour,


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