Friday, 5 December 2014

not-a-random thought

don't you ever dare start 
just no
but if so
you'll be wasting your time

Thursday, 4 December 2014

song of the week : Cavalier by James Vincent Mcmorrow (samuraii remix)

just so you know only two weeks left for my first semester in uni. varsity life has been incredibly hectic especially at the end of semester. there are assignments to be submitted, test, quizzes and presentations. maan, pancit oii nak balance academic and social life. lagi lagi since imma professional procrastinator. memang berjam jam nak siapkan satu assignment yang simple. apaaa ni?! 

lately, i've been spending a lot of my writing time listening to the playlists in 8track they got damn nice mixes i tell ya! i discovered this particular mix in ella grace denton playlist and it was love at first hear!

mencurah idea time writing bila dengar kicauan burung

go check this mix 

Sabah 2014-Part 3

well well, hello december!!

my social and academic life has been haywire for past few weeks. hence, i couldn't find an appropriate time to upload the final pictures from my trip to kota kinabalu. 

so here it is the final part of my sabah trip written at 3 in the morning


the crystal clear blue water is exceptionally breath-taking.

to me, sabah is a place where you can easily fall in love with. i can never ever get tired of sight-seeing in sabah, the view is spectacular i tell ya! even the air you breathe is some what fresher and cleaner than in semenanjung. kl-pj especially. heh. maannnn, if i knew about the beauty of sabah earlier, i'd probably apply my bachelor studies at any alma mater in sabah. seriously! 

i can't wait to come back here and explore more things sabah has to offer like mount kinabalu. hopefully

see ya soon!!