Saturday, 24 December 2011


maann....i hate to say this but, girl, do you realise that you're holiday is going to end for about 12 days!! yup, 12 days!!! since i was devastatingly 'occupied' by sorts of unimportant thing.... i might have trouble when the school, homework yang berlunggun manyak lagi tak siap !! 

i'm definitely doom maannn!! to the valley of doom!!! 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

just so you know, tadi husna dzeidee ada mention pasal this lad and..... what teriffic singer he is!!!!! love'im!!!

they're such @#%$....

basically, i have five not-so little brothers as all of them are gemok-gemok!! and those five brothers pissed me off a lot!! maaaannnn.... i'm totally pissed off!! imagine this, you ask your brother nicely to take shower before seven, then, they just like ignored it for 100%. like talking to a @#$&.!! maybe this is to much, but don't blame me. they pissed me off for 24/7!! oiiiii bengang!!!!! such a pain in the ass!! nah, ambik kau!! 

that's all...

Monday, 12 December 2011

alkisah seekor cicak malang di LOT 22576...

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... tak tau nak start cane since this is so gross.... sumpah geli gila!!!eeuuuuuuu..... wekkkkkk.... tekak dah kembang kuncup.....

okay peeps...... are you ready to hear the awfull + extremely gross mishaps that happened yesterday at my house??

dekat rumah, biasalah kan kita buat air panas macam coffee, tea, horlicks etc etc all day long ecspecially time  pagi dan petang. seperti sediakalanya,  my family and i enjoyed making e hot drinks.... lagi-lagi time hujan hujan gini kan? sedap gila la kan minum hot tea, hot coffee etc etc.... petang tu aku pun bantai teh tarikk sendiri tarikkk babe......sedap bahh cicah dengan biskut kering.... the other family member pun buat macam-macam hot drinks.... minum sambil makan dengan karipap panas.... masyukkk habissss.... 

then......... ohemgeee...... macam nak cakap ni.......????  somebody..... please help me.....!! yesterday maghrib izzat, my brother told me that there was a 'lucky' CICAK in the kettle...... f*** gila!!!! hamikk kau!!!!!satu hari satu family minum air rebusan c........k ah sudahhhh..... kecohh habiss malam tadi.... aku sampai tak makan time dinner. 

the same night, the whole family kept talking about the cicakman punye incidence.... bhaahahahahahah..... the sticky hand, makan lalat.... melekat-melekat dekat dinding.... aku bangun the next day realizing that aku tidur melekat dekat dinding!!! yayyyy.... the new cicakwoman is born!!! hurry, panggil KRU productions buat filem bout this true story...

mai secawan!!

*just joking. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened for the result of the drink.... hahah.

p/s:always make sure that there is no
bizarre things in your kettle before you masak air 

Saturday, 10 December 2011

are you a NEGAHOLIC??

i just read cleo disember issue and i was attracted to this

i guess many of you rarely heard of negaholic or  let me explain it

What is Negaholism?

Negaholism is a condition that is sweeping the globe. Negaholism is a syndrome in which people unconsciously limit their own innate abilities, convince themselves that they can’t have what they want, and sabotage their wishes, desires, and dreams. Negaholism manifests itself daily in the lives of normal people. Self-imposed limitations on happiness, joy, and fulfillment contaminate the consciousness of the majority of the population in subtle ways. The beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions that keep us restricted, constrained, and curtailed have reached epidemic proportions.
When you read the book, Negaholism, you will recognize people you know who are victims of Negaholism. You will also see ways our of the Negaholic trap. Using the tools and techniques described in this book will enable you to change old patterns and embark on a whole new way of life. (taken from 

Why Is the Syndrome Called “Negaholic?”

Nega = negative, holic = one who is addicted to something. A negaholic is one who is addicted to negativity. Negare is a Latin root meaning to deny. The “I can’ts” are denying that the “I cans” are right. Denying means that the “I can’ts” refuse to accept the fact that the “I cans” are capable, competent, able to give you what you want. The “I can’ts” deny that the “I cans” are worthy, loveable, and deserving. A negaholic is one who is victimized by inner forces that are waging a war of self-negation with attitudes, thoughts, words, or behavior. These forces are keeping you trapped in a private dungeon with graffiti all over the walls that say: “You can’t be it. You can’t do it. You can’t have it. So forget it!” The “I can’t” self laughs and says “I told you so” when you prove its prophecies right.(taken from

lately, i'd realised that some of my friends were..... idk...should i i call 'suffering' from this syndrome so i'd think it'll be helpful.

ARE YOU A NEGAHOLIC?? well ask yourself then.....

1. do you dwell on things that don't work out for you?
2. do you often expect the worst so as not to be disapointed?
3. when asked what do you want, do you often reply "it does't matter"? you use past mistakes and mishaps as reasons for not taking new risks?
5. when imagining a goal, does a voice in your head tell you that you can't accomplish it?
6. do you find fault even with the little things you do?
7. do you critisise for what you wear, how you behave?
8. do you flog yourself with lists 0f things you haven't accomplished?
9. do you have difficultyaccepting compliments or celebrating achievements?
10. looking in the mirror, are you unhappy with what you see?

*till we meet again and salam....

ombak rindu: exclusive review by zafirah jamal


at last, dapat pun direalisasikan hajat besar aku... huahuahua....(koya sorang...heheh) 

semalam...jap..... no, kelmarin la... I, zafirah jamal went to watch ombak rindu with HUSNA DZEIDEE & izyan a.k.a GEMOX..... kalau ikutkan plan asal sebelum cuti nak tengok skali dengan izyan khatim and syikin. but then, masing-masing ada komitmen sendiri kan?!

haha, yang tak boleh bla nye. kitrang beli tiket lambat, so..... dapat la seat special....front line babe!! haha.... lenguh kut leher. cane-cane pun, hal tu tak mengganggu langsung.

OMBAK RINDU....... hmmmmm..... so far, ada aku dengar ramai gak yang tak puas hati tengok, but from my point of view, it's a great movie... mana taknye, ni movie melayu first yang aku tengok kat wayang.... for the sake of seeing aaron aziz act as hariz....(swooning tak sudah time tengok)

but still,  ada part yang lack of........ i would say.... 'ummmmphhhh'. senang cerita, ada part yang kurang menyengat. supposedly, kena embrace lagi the love between hariz and izzah..... (i didn't mean the on-the-bed-scene) the truth is.... dalam movie ni tak nampak sangat the love.......between the hariz and izzah. sweetnya memang ada, tapi kurengg....

aku malas nak comparekan sangat dengan novel, but still memang banyak gak lari dari cerita asal tapi nama pun adaptasi kan?!

-izzah was stiff... kaku dan baku at certain part....
-mila....... i fancy her a lot!! great acting lisa surihani!! two thumbs up (^_^)

-speaking of HARIZ.... haha......  i was swooning for almost 2 hours.. ngeeee... aaron aziz did an excellent job. i mean like, he was breath-takingly handsome and drop-dead gorgeous and one hell of a talented actor. thank god, aku tak termakan dengan airmata hariz je... entah kenapa tak ada mood nak nanges time tu. padahal aku ni extremely cengeng gak kalau tengok cerita lovey-dovey...

overall, from my point of view, aku kasi rate 3.2/5

wokay peeps, that's all for this time. by the way, hariz kirim salam.... hahahahah

credit to those who  own the pictures

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

wabak malas kembali menular...



so far homework aku baru 40% je siap. maaannn... zaff, come on...... cuti kau tu bukannya lama sangat pun. sumpah nanti kau menyesal kalau tak berjaya siapkan dalam cuti ni. hadoii, nak bukak akaun.... tak ada mood.... nak ngadap bio tak sanggup, add math tak usik lagi,  chemistry pun.... haha... you're dead meat!! sebabnya.... esok sampai jumaat dah nak pergi kuantan, next week entah berapa malam kat kl. from the kenduri then ......(entah ke mana umi n engku nak bawak) so total-total.... entah berapa hari je aku ada untuk siapkan hw. semalam dah kasi chance baca novel. so by hook or by crook, malam ni kena ngadap gak hw. at least dapat siap satu soalan akaun pun jadila...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

breaking dawn : exclusive review by zafirah jamal

first and foremost, i would like to thank norlaily bt osman a.k.a mak cu for the not so great trip... haha... just joking. i do mean that it was one of the most awesome trip ever as i, zafirah jamal went to three different states for three different day... fuhhhhh..... i'm extremely exhausted by the time i reach LOT 22576, though i'm not the one who's driving. 

okay, back to the topic, the last day or i suppose the last night i'm staying with mak cu, she brought us ( izzat menyibuk ikut jadi bodyguard aku) to cineplex at e@curve. wohohohoh....sampai2 KL dalam pukul 8 lebih, solat then zoom off to damansara. what next?! BREAKING DAWN babeyh!!!!!! the most anticipated movie of ZAFIRAH JAMAL. haha, dream come true i suppose. dapat gak tengok . 

the movie was WOHOHOHOHOHOH..... i'm awed....  the wedding scene was beautifully filmed....siapa tak nak wedding macam ni kan?!

mr. and mrs cullen

as for the honeymoon part, i was quite pissed off since there were few scene that had been cut off. nevermind then.  bloody hell, isle esme was almost heaven. rumah yang mr and mrs cullen stay for their honeymoon, tak boleh bla....


hmmmm..... out of words.. hehe

aku malas nak story mory bab bella's pregnant. gruesome habiss kut, lagi-lagi time die kene minum bloody red blood dengan straw and part bella gave birth. come on, just forget bout that!!

inanutshell, i heart breaking dawn. but tak la sampai tahap TWIHARDS lagi kut... huhu

pity chuck bass....

hahaha... the truth is i just finished watching GG. maaann seriously.... sian gila kat chuck bass. wth, chuck bass?! aku tak la suka sangat dengan si chuck ni, but then, i loveeee watching him being around blair in GG. they're like THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ONSCREEN COUPLE OF ALL TIME.... weeeee....(ayat cilok from CLEO oct issue) haha, suka gile kut...

but sadly....

Blair knew the truth: Chuck was on to them! He knew about the kiss. Chuck had obviously arranged for Dan to show up only to embarrass him. I mean who’s ever heard of an “up and comer” section in a modern royalty book. How stupid! Blair confronted Chuck. Obviously he hadn’t matured after all. Both she and Dan knew their kiss meant nothing (sure about that, B?), and Blair was ready to admit she wanted to be with Chuck and only Chuck. But maybe that was the wrong decision. Because even though Dan might not be UES royalty, he wasn’t a child like Chuck. Ouch! Realizing his mistake, Chuck tried to reason with B. They could still build their futures together. Starting now. But Blair didn’t think now was the right time for the two of them. Chuck hadn’t changed. He still had years before he’d be capable of a real relationship. Ouch again!( and this is taken from

as for the next season...

and look how perfect this couple.... ngeeeee

p/s : i do not own any  of e picture except for the magazine one

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