Saturday, 28 June 2014


hello there

alhamdulillah. sooooo, we've reach this time of the year again, me, there are so much to be thankful for. first and foremost, i get to spend the rest of ramadan with ze family after hidup di perantauan setelah sekian lama. hehe. last puasa full kat rumah time darjah enam dolu. then hostel for five years and plus one year kat pasum. 

time hostel dulu, almost every weekend karang citer sedih mengaharapkan ze family bawak extra food. pastu time kat college last year almost everyday call mintak suggestions nak order apa kat cafe. but this year, there's no need for me to karang citer sedih kat umi pasal tak tahu nak makan apa because ze menu dah di setkan. cuma maybe kena tolong masak masak sikit kut. bish bash bosh. siap. 

till then
may we be a better person 
in shaa Allah
salam ramadan. ;)

Friday, 6 June 2014



*no harm intended in writing this post. but if do offend some of you, ampun maaf dipinta.

these questions have been bugging me for the past few months;

"apply course apa??"
"nak sambung apa?? dentistry/medic/pharmacy ke??"
"nak masuk u mana?"
"minat apa??"
"pointer dapat berapa?"

there's a saying that if you don't have anything nice to say, then just shut up. well i'm keen on practicing that ,but for me it is almost impossible to do so without sounding rude or cold. honestly peeps, until this very moment don't have the answers to all of the questions above (except for the last one).  did you guys ever wonder that not all undergraduate students do have a plan for their further studies . well, unfortunately, i belong in that group. so please, if possible, give me some time to try my best to figure out my life purposes, my minat etc etc. since this is such a serious matter, a girl does need her time. just stahp asking me all those questions right now cause i don't have the freakin answers. 

i do know that most of you people do have a noble purpose when asking such questions. again,i'm sorry. i do not have the answers. but i promise you, when i get the answers, in shaa Allah, i'll let you know. your doa and prayers are highly hope for. 

till then.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Masterchef Chenor: Meet the judge

hello readers!

this fella is named irfan, many of you clearly acknowledge he is my youngest brother. and most of you knows that he is indeed adorable, witty, outspoken, naughty, whimsical and a pain in the butt. haha. bertuah bertuah... sometimes i do think that  he is too mature for a kid in his age. heheeeee

idk where does he gets the idea of the so-called list of his favorite chefs.just so you know,  the so-called list keeps on being updated!! like a song chart you usually hear on the radio during weekends. it was like one day you were the third most favorite and the next day your out of the chart. he came out with the idea of this chart a few weeks ago. the rank was originally like this

1. umi
2. tok
3. mak cu
4. cik atun (his pengasuh)
5. kak long(me)
6. umi (tukang masak dekat sekolah dia)

but since mak cu successfully convinced him that it was tok who teaches umi all those recipe, umi's rank dropped to the second place. hehe. and he recently informed us that tok's position in the chart will never be diganggu gugat sebab tok masak paling best. my umi did try to convince him to change back the position but it was a major failure!! "tok punya nombor je yang takkan berubah, orang lain boleh" kata irfan. there was one time when i cooked a chicken porridge (a fortnight ago i think), and my rank escalated dramatically! sabar je lahh

1. tok
2. umi
3. kak long (me)
4. cik atun (his pengasuh) and  umi (tukang masak dekat sekolah dia)
5. mak cu

sekali kalau dia puji certain masakan tu memang hyperbola berapi la. melambung lambung habis. boleh kembang tak kuncup kuncup. tapi kalau tang tak kena dengan selera dia boleh kalah gordon ramsay dia kritik. it has been quite some time since i asked him about this list.  the last time i checked i was ranked seventh. heh. macam macam betul. there was time when he uses other grading system. back before the rank was created, he gave us 'bintang' like what our kindergarden teacher used to give us. jangan main main, my highest number of bintang sampai ratus ratus je. tapi kalau tok and umi sampai infinity. sabao je la. bila tanya infinity tu banyak mana, dia kata banyak ahhhh. berjuta juta juta juta juta jutaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

as of today, idk what rank i'm in. tapi apa apa je la. but bak kata heidi klum in project runway "one day your in, next day your out". sooooooooooo... that's all

see ya real soon

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

current obsession:GoT

i've been caught up with game of throne this past few weeks. seriously maan, the show is fricking awesome!! never felt this way with any previous tv shows. GoT is amazinggggggg!! it has been quite some time since the show was aired on HBO but i wasn't interested in it at first. i got no HBO channel in my home. so leceh laa sikit. and student-life  is time consuming kan? idk why, tapi the feeling that i have to watch this show has been lurking me for the past few months. it's like "kau kena tengok citer ni zaf" i kept chanting this to me self. since now i've got plenty of time, apa lagi...  adventure time in westeros!!

at first i was lost. seriously, they introduced to many characters in one freaking episode. i'm like how-am-i -going-to-recognise-each-and-everyone-of-them. ramai tho!! and i was still contemplating the fact"kenapa ramai orang cakap citer ni best??". macam dokumentari sejarah pung ada!! tapi the show kinda grows into me . serious!! in the first season pun dah macam macam dah jadi. haha. addictive gilos!! there'll be cliffhangers in almost every episode and it got me like this

an episode takes about 50 somethinng-ish minutes and i watched 5 episode per day. marathon habis habisan dari last week. dasyat kut. every season finale show ni memang mind-blowing le. tips for surviving watching GoT, don't  get  yourself attached to any of the characters in the show because at some point they freakin die!!! time tengok season awal awal dulu memang tak tahu nak expect apa dari citer ni . sekali, haaaaa hambik kau!! one of my favourite was chopped.and  i was caught of guard. huhu. banjir besar terus! tapi sekarang ni, i'm neutral. i don't pledge me self to any of the houses, lords and ladies. but sometimes i do wish i could be arya stark for a day. i'm thinking of reading the books tapi macam complicated je. haihhh, we'll see...

that's all, winter is comin