Sunday, 27 November 2016

Keep your head up

hello friend

how's your day??

all is good i hope :)

i've been intending to write this post for a couple of days now.

sooo let's get started

this past few weeks have been very tough for me.

i'm struggling to get a grip on my life where it comes to the point that i felt dying inside. betul... everything looks so grey and gloomy. heh. tapi memang pun sebab lately cuaca memang grey and gloomy. okay back to the topic please.

i'm so stressed out and depressed with my current condition. and this thing is damaging to my level of productivity and whatnot. My own responsibility suddenly becomes a burden without me even noticing it . pffffft. betul. i never realized that my attitude towards life was that bad until someone pinpoint it. lol. memang butthurt gila but hey that's the truth. 

after spending some time contemplating about my attitude towards life in general, i was like 'you need to do some changes zafirah'. i need to embrace the so called challenge or situation in a more wholly way so that i can be more resilient. yup. that's the case

so keep your head up princess
your tiara is falling 


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