Monday, 18 April 2016

When realization hits you


i'm currently in week 8 of my semester which means that i have tons of assignments to be submitted and quizzes. this semester, i've been too carried away by numerous distractions thus resulting me not giving a single damn about my uttermost priority as a student which is my studies. i bet this is because things have been going so well for me for the past three semester that it made me think that maybe, maybe i didn't need to put much effort into my studies. for example, last semester i simply skipped three weeks of lectures just to travel to Spain and still managed to get a deans list award. (i'm not bragging). part of me thinks that this is one of the challenges God has given to me. and this kind of challenge scares the crap out of me cause it makes you lagha. yep, each and every person have to deal with their own issues and challenges.

lately, i'm trying my best to get my head in the game, kembali ke jalan yang benar but this does requires a lot of effort. i don't think that i can make drastic changes but let's just do it one step at a time. tho at my current state, maybe i need to quadruple my steps cause ada berapa minggu je lagi nak prepare for everything. ahahah tahu pun nak gelabah zafirah..! apa-apa pun, always remember that each and every effort made either big or small does count. never underestimate that dear self.

that is all,

i better get back to my studies

priorities... priorities

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