Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Day in Singapore : Part 1

hey ho!!!

finally, all the madness doing my assignments and presentation resides. fuhhhhhh. what a relief. now i gonna spent some time  updating this forsaken blog, lewls. here we go

a couple of weeks ago during my mid semester break, i went for a trip to the lion city with the ladies (my aunt, my aunt's friends and izyan). it was a day trip since we were on a very limited budget and time. nonetheless, we managed to explore quite a few numbers of the tourist attraction site like

1. Singapore Botanic Garden
2. Orchard Road
3. Chinatown
4. Kampung Glam, Haji Lane and Sultan Mosque
5. merlion park
6. Gardens by the bay

not so bad eh, for day trip? kan kan kan? sooooo let's go!

i was running this time sebab semua orang dah masuk, kitorang lambat

*the price ticket from kl sentral to woodlands is rm 34 one way(if you're taking the normal seating not the one with the bed. the bed cost additional RM3)

we went to Singapore by train which departed on 11.00 pm. it was a 7-8 hours of butt aching journey. seriously, i have never been through such agony before. hanya tuhan yang tahu betapa lenguhnya badan. we were supposed to be sleeping during the ride but i couldn't sleep. tidur ayam ada kut. maybe nak dekat dekat sampai baru terlelap kejap. pastu bila sedar dah dekat JB, train stop kejap untuk imigresen apa semua tu. 

we reached woodlands train station at about 7.15 am on the next morning. lepas settle semua urusan dekat imigresen, we took  a bus to woodlands MRT station. sampai kat sana, kitorang pergi kat information kaunter and bought the singapore tourist pass card. there are few options available like for one day or two days macam tu. kitorang amik yang sehari punya je. card ni unlimited gitu. kiranya, kau explore lah satu singapore tu,swipe je, no need to top up. 

*this one day tourist pass card cost sdg20(you can get the sgd10 deposit if you manage to return this card before the counter is closed on that day).

one of the amazing thing that i noticed there was that mereka(the singaporeans) beratur kat tepi pintu dulu before mrt sampai. elok je berdiri kat tepi line merah tu and tunggu orang dari dalam keluar dulu. bila people from inside the mrt dah keluar baru masuk. lkat mana2 mrt stations macam ni lah situasi nya. kalau kat tanah air ku, tak menyabar orang yang sedang menunggu kat luar tu. hyarrggggghhh terus rempuh masuk!! lol, bukan semua orang lah macam tu, ada je golongan yang chill kasi laluan kat orang dari dalam tapi most of us memang terus masuk bila pintu bukak. let's move on to the other topic. lo and behold,we've arrived at the singapore botanic garden. since we haven't eaten since last night, so weolls decided to have a picnic here

*you can get here by mrt. just stop at mrt botanic garden station. oh btw, no entrance fee is needed

after breakfast, semua orang kembali bersemangat untuk ber photoshoot. ahahahah

next stop, orchard road!! matlamat utama pergi sini adalah tidak lain dan tidak bukan untuk shopping! tapi bukan lah shopping kat all those designer shops, shopping ice cream je mampu. heheheh. student la katakan.

this is our main reason. ice cream potong here we go!!


one for me, and one for me too.

that first bite of ice cream potong got me like...

we went to Chinatown after that. it was in the afternoon when we arrived there. it is a very lively place.

the architecture of the building is sooo cool

 okay girls, time for a group photo!!

it was very late in the afternoon when got to the mrt heading to the next destination. masa ni, majority of us memang tengah penat gila sebab berjalan bagai nak rak. baru pusing tiga tempat, tapi sumpah rasa macam dah longgar lutut. ahahahaha.

soooooo our jorney continues in the next post: A Day in Singapore : Part 2

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