Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Longest Ride movie review

i finally watch the longest ride movie. it was a good movie though the story is quite predictable. nama pun nicholas sparks... ahaha. i used to be a very big fan of him during my high school years. but i stop reading his books and watching his movie after safe haven because the story line is soo repetitive. i'm not sure what triggered me to watch this movie at first. hurmmmm. saw the movie trailer few months ago and wasn't even tempted to watch the movie. 

yesterday, out of the blue i decided to give it a try. it was an enjoyable movie. the chemistry between the main characters luke-sophia and ira-ruth were amazing!! ahaha. i decided to just take it easy and enjoy all the drama and romance in the movie. and as usual, few tears were shed yesterday. mehehe. the love story between ira and ruth was so great and sincere(?) and pure. but the romance between luke and sophia were lacking of feels. it's like something is missing from their story. i wish the movie potrayed more details and other stuffs about their romance. i expect so much more from the two of them cause scott eastwood and britt robertson did a very great job in potraying luke and sophia. 

all in all, the longest ride was an enjoyable movie if you're into sappy romance stuffs. there are few boring parts in the movie, but let's just ignore it. 

by the way, i'm thinking of reading the book to seek for more details and explanation. is it worth it guys? 

here's the trailer if you guys want to check it out.

that is all.

*pardon my dear readers, i couldn't stop fangirling Scott Eastwood

oh myyy, grow up zafirah
this is embarassing
i'm having a huuuuuuuge celebrity crush on scott eastwood after watching the longest ride movie!
ahahah, i couldn't help it!
he is just soooo laid back and manly and tuff and sooo handsome
arghhhhh, what has got into you zafirahh??!
oh myyyy

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Song of The Week : Locked Away

found this song in the radio recently and i am just in love with it
aaaaah man, this collaboration between R. City and Adam Levine is insanely amazing!! 
and yeah, adam's part in this song is so fookin great! his voice is perfection i tell you

If I got locked away
And we lost it all today
Tell me honestly would you still love me the same?
If I showed you my flaws
If I couldn't be strong
Tell me honestly would you still love me the same?

sooo that is it, adios amigos

Thursday, 20 August 2015


i know, i'm a shitty friend. i'm not the type of person who make efforts to keep in touch with my friends. i'm at that point where i'm cool of we don't talk for a couple of weeks/months. you wanna chat then okay, we'll have a chat and catch up with each other's life, if you don't wanna do it, then i'm okay. let's just ignore each other. aha kids, this is how best friends turn into strangers. the thing is that i'm just tired of making effort and at the end of the day i felt like my presence is somewhat annoying and unappreciated.

and now, i only want to focus on the positive things in life and let go all the negative vibes/people.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Never let go of your dreams

i've been aching to travel across the globe for such a long time. 
it was my ultimate dream to be able to travel and see new places! 
a couple of days ago, my grand aunty a.k.a tok teh offered me to accompany her 
to travel across spain in december. 
i said "yeah, nak ikut!!" 
this will be my first european adventure so of course i'm sooo effin excited!!! 
it's a dream come true ya know?! 
so people, never ever let go of your dreams

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Day in Singapore : Part 2

before that, click on A Day in Singapore:Part 1 if you haven't read the first one

okay, so where were we...

give me a moment to recall
oh ya, in the mrt heading to kampung glam. 

it was late in the afternoon when we arrived here. all of us were famished and tired from all the non stop walking. lol. nampak sangat tak berapa nak fit sesorang. ahahah. we had lunch at singapore zam zam restaurant and ate their famous nasi beriyani and murtabak. we devoured our lunch like hungry hyenas. (pfffffffft, just joking). sumpah rasa macam sedap gilos maka sebab tengah lapar and letih time tu. 

after lunch we went to the sultan mosque to perform prayers and catch a break. we stayed there for an hour(or maybe two, cause i cannot remember. sheeesh) to refresh ourselves. gosh, time ni kan, rasa macam taknak dah gerak ke tempat seterusya sebab penat. pikul backpack takde la berat mana pun sebenarnya, tapi hakak tak katang(wtf ahahah)

after we freshen ourselves, we went to kampung glam and haji lane. sadly, we didn't manage to explore two places thoroughly since we were lacking of time. 

we headed for merlion park after visiting kampung glam and haji lane. we took the mrt to raffles place station. the merlion park is about 15 mimutes walk from the raffles station. well, honestly it depends on your pace. kalau jalan laju-laju cepatlah sampai.

catching feelings on my way to merlion park. whooops!

you can see the marina bay sands from afar. maaaaaan, the view is insanely satisfying and amazing if you're into modern building architure and etc. okay, this is my humble opinion la. kudos to the people who were involved in developing all these bad boys!! you made a great job! *thumbs up

managed to snap this while walking towards merlion park. whooooooo, the place is flooded with tourist. duhhhh, it's a must-visit place in singapore. you cannot say you're done exploring singapore if you haven't "say hi" to the iconic merlion!

tadaaaaaa *excuse my tired face por favor

late in the noon, we headed for joo chiat, the peranakan area. but sadly, time and exhaustion was catching up on us. we couldn't manage to find the place though we had asked many locals many many times on our way there. the map that we had didn't much help. my feet were aching and i felt that i couldn't barely walk.(hey peeps, please make sure that you wear super duper comfortable footwear to avoid this incident) we ended pusing tempat yang sama. lastly, all of us decided to skip joo chiat and went to the next destination. i was quite disappointed but fret not, i'll go there in my future trip. after that we took mrt to bayfront station and headed for gardens by the bay. 

we reached gardens by the bay at almost 7 p.m. just in time for the super tree to light up .

at about 7.45 p.m there is a light and sound show known as OCBC garden rhapsody. in case if you're wondering about the admission fee to super tree grove, it's free yaw! at the super tree grove you'll find a walkway known as the OCBC skyway. it allowed visitors to walk amongst the super tree. if you're interested in walking on the skyway you need to buy tickets. it cost SDG5 (per person) for adult and SGD3(per person) for children. we ascended to the walkway by a lift.  ohh, if your're acrophobiac or afraid of height, walking on the skywalk is not a very good idea. the OCBC garden rhapsody started while we went on the skywalk. we managed to watch the garden rhapsody show from above. personally for me, the view from below is much more better cause you get to see the whole thing in all it's glory but it depends on your own perspective. the show lasted for about 15-20 minutes if i am not mistaken. 

check out super duper tree during the rhapsody, the light is so cool isn't it? a little too over excited here right zafirah. heeeeee

my legs were literally shaking when izyan snap this picture. (pffffft siapa suruh tengok bawah zafirahhh)

ohh apart from that you get a birds' eye view on the gardens by the bay and marina bay area. the picture below is quite blurry. excuse my shaky hands guys pleasee

we left gardens by the bay at about 9 p.m and went straight to  woodlands train station. our journey back to kuala lumpur took about 8 hours. we arrived at kl sentral around 7.00 a.m. indeed, the whole trip was damn tiring but i felt utterly satisfied since we went to a lot of places in a short period of time. ohhh ya, this was also my first attempt in backpacking while travelling. (ada orang tu nak jadi backpackers tegar satu hari nanti ,lols). what else.... i do hope that i'll be able to explore this country again since there's a lot more places and activities to be done.

pardon my late update on this entry. at first i thought that i might be able to write this entry shortly after the part 1. but sadly, i got caught up with other things. and sorry for the lack of information in this entry. to be honest, i lost my original draft which was kept in my journal, hence there may be some things that i completely forgot to include in this post. 

that is all, ciao
zafirah xx 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Song of the week:Ghost by Ella Henderson


we're in the month of august now!! i swear 2015 has gone so effing swiftly. pejam celik dah august! i still got a month left to rot in my beloved haven before the academic semester starts again. damn, awal cuti dulu rasa macam lama sangat cuti, rupanyaaaa hmmmm takde lah lama mana pun. 

enough with all that, so there's this song that has been haunting me for the past two weeks. i first heard it in the radio,i think it was in mix fm(kut). i only managed to listen like the last part of it and i was like damn, whose amazing song was that? her voice has the mariah carey + kelly clarkson vibes in it. gigih ya ampun carik the song title sepanjang minggu tapi tak berjaya. 

finally, pagi tadi time otw nak pergi beli breakfast dengar dapat lagu ni full kat mixfm. concentrate gila dengar sebab nak guess the song title based on the voice and lyrics. bila search semula kat youtube ghopenyer ni lagu ella henderson titled ghost. task completed babeh!!! akhirnya berjaya pun aku crack the mystery.(hmmmm misteri la sangat...)

go check out this song guys and let me know what you think

I keep going to the river to pray
'Cause I need something that can wash out the pain
And at most
I'm sleeping all these demons away
But your ghost, the ghost of you
It keeps me awake

this song is special cause it reminds me of  someone who has a hold over me, keeps on haunting, tormenting over me even when i did try to move on and run away from it, but i just can't(hey, it's not that easy!!).

that is all,cheers.
zaf xx