Monday, 7 March 2016

Ridiculous last minute decision

i couldn't slept last night thinking about the foolish last minute decision that i made last night...

the story goes like this,

i've registered photography class in this semester for my co-curriculum, i always knew that i wanted to learn the techniques in taking photos. bought a camera for almost a year but never knew how to use and operate it accordingly. so this photog class enables me to explore my camera's capabilities. 

i don't know what has got into me last night, i purposely drop the class and registered for another class which i have zero interest in. and i regret it, like a gazillion times. #internalcrisis 

when i decided to change it back, the online registration has closed. *cries a river

after much thoughts and reconsideration, i decided to try my luck and change it back via manual process ( pergi office sket/skr and all that)

so that's about it. 

pray hard that i'm able to register the photog class peeps

*itu lah zafirah, elok-elok dah kau register, tetibe cari kerja baru pergi tukar semula

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