Monday, 29 July 2013

so they think we're a chameleon?!


dorang ingat weolls weolls ni leon le camaleon ke?! baru 2 bulan then nak reshuffle tutorial n lab class semula. baru nak adapt dengan schedule, dah ditukarnya semula schedule... the fishh!!

leon le camaleon
change de couler quel pollison
leon le camaleon
ou est ou est leon

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Still Into You

oh yeah. this song pretty much sums everything i've been feeling for the last few years. 
pfffffffttttttttt......why o why zaf??

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Random Rambling

dear Z,

cause i knew you were trouble when you walked in
so shame on me now
flew me to places 've never been
till you put me down

from Z

Life's Like That


when the food is already served for you on the table in dining hall.

"tak best lah lauk hari ni."
"asyik-asyik makan menu ni je."
" bukan ke minggu lepas dah ada menu ni?"


when you have to decide the menu for yourself.

"nak makan apa hari ni? tak ada idea lah"
"boring lah makan dekat cafe"
"tak tahu lah nak makan apa petang ni."

btw selamat ber'ramadan al mubarakh' (^_^)

Monday, 8 July 2013


few months ago i started watching greek. and it was the best tv series ever. 

the series was aired in 2007-2011. lama lah jugak citer ni. tapi aku baru je discover. greek is ze only  tv series yang aku tengok every episode. tak miss satu pun. full 4 season.  

sadly everything must come to an end. i was being very emotional when watching the last episode. lagi lagi bila part cappie hugged evan and when casey hugged rusty awww...

i vow to watch this series again after i finished my foundation studies. hehehehhe