Thursday, 16 April 2015

Gunung Senyum


i'm in my mid semester break right now, so i got to spend a week potato-ing and lazying my ass. this midsem break is sure a bliss cause this semester left me so undone. sheeeeeesh. 

now, forget about my uni life cause i want to share with you guys about one of my activities during my short break. i went to Gunung Senyum yesterday with my aunt and cousin. we (my aunt and i) planned this trip like many many times before but due to some things, our plan got canceled. thankfully, we managed to go there this time. 

Gunung Senyum is 1549 metres mountain located in felda jengka 25 (an oil palm dominated area). the journey took about 45 minutes drive from bandar temerloh. gunung senyum consist of at least 20 caves. we only managed to explore like three or four caves since 1)some of route to the caves are close during that time 2)we go there by ourselves without the guides 

we started off at 9-ish a.m, so here it goes

lo and behold, the smiling mountain

en route to gua silat. from my reading, this cave is said to be the place fro practicing silat( malaysian martial arts).

the stairs are quite steep i tell you, just be extremely careful

this is the gua silat's  entrance

yeah, honestly saying, we were quite dissapointed as the information board was broken. such a bummer.

off we went to the next cave, gua makam tok long. this cave contain the tomb of tok long. it iis believed that tok long was a kind hearted man who married an elven princess. he also cured the villagers back at that time. things gone bad when broken his promise to return to his elven wife. as a result his elven wife left him and he then decided to engage in meditation in the cave till the end of his days.

gua danau impian is located near to gua makam tok long. im not very sure about where the cave got it's name though. 

this cave got badass rocks. maaaaan, at that time i do wish that i have some piece of knowledge in geology, it would be great to know the formation and other kind of stuffs about the rocks. i bet this sort of place would be really cool to geology enthusiast. 

this picture was taken en route to gua makam tok long if i am not mistaken. 

we continued our adventure to explore the rest of the caves. sadly, as i mentioned earlier during that day the entrance to the caves was closed so our journey were cut short. 

this is the connecting bridge. i don't know how to say this properly but to me the condition is very bad and sad. there were big holes in the middle of the wooden bridge and it can lead to accidents if  we're not careful enough. i do hope that the people in charge will took appropriate measures soon. 

sooo, that's all. the total time taken exploring the three caves took almost an hour. it was indeed a very fun and enjoyable adventure. i'll be coming back to explore the rest of the caves later. 

p/s : 
-this is my new bad boy. his name is J. 
-I'll introduce him to you guys later in the upcoming post
-i'll be exploring another new place tomorrow, can't wait to share it with you guys.

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