Friday, 11 March 2016

Spain Part 1 : We've arrived in Barcelona!

hola amigos!!

i did promise to write about my trip to spain last november-december, so here we go

it all started a couple months before the trip. i got a once in a lifetime offer from my tok teh to join her for a trip in spain. it was an offer that one could never ever refuse so of course i said yes. i would love to join. oh gosh,  i've been dreaming about travelling to Europe for ages since i got my first passport but money and time has always been the issue. i never taught that this dream of mine will ever happen. ahahah nama pun angan-angan kan?

before that, let me tell you briefly about our whole journey.

- days spent : 19 (26th november to 15th december)

- cities visited : 8 (barcelona-valencia-alicante-granda-cordoba-sevilla-merida-madrid)

- region visited : 5 ( Cataluna - valencia - andalusia- extramadura  - madrid)

- car journey : 2300km +/-

- hours on the road : 27 hours +/-

by looking at the map, it can be said that our journey  covers almost half of spain. amazing...

our journey kicks off in barcelona. soon after we've arrived at the airport, we rented a car and went exploring the catalan city. all of us(well, iolls in particular)were freaking excited to explore the city though we are quite tired from the long haul flight. the weather was amazing and all when we arrived there,

behold, amazingly huge sagrada familia, it's difficult for me to get a nice full shot of this building

lepas pusing pusing area dekat dengan sagrada familia, we decided to have lunch at a halal indian restaurant. the food was nice. boleh laa. 

lepas settle makan semua dah kenyang we checked in our hotel have a good rest. and by rest i mean 12 hours of sleep kut. bangun kejap, pastu sambung tido balik. ahahah jet lag la kata kan lepas 15 jam duduk dalam plane. we need to have enough rest cause on the very next day we'll be exploring Valencia. 

see you in next post!


  1. Love this soooooo much!! Chance of a lifetime!@

  2. Love this soooooo much!! Chance of a lifetime!@