Saturday, 25 March 2017

wake up!


i've been sleeping a lot lately. A LOT. and the sad thing is, no matter how long i get my sleep i'll still end up feeling like crap. what is wrong with me? have i been affected with any type of adverse disease? 

 what else yeaaaa... okay

a short update on my final year project (fyp), i've been avoiding myself from writing or planning it for the past two/three weeks.yep. it's kinda frustrating and worrying at the same time. this act will be the death of me when week 10 arrives-whereby i'll be having my viva presentation. the thing about fyp is that it's a physical, emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. there's one week where i'll be "yeah, let's do this shizz" and there's the week where i'm like "nahh, just forget about it".

for heaven's sake zafirah, time is running up!! there's about seven weeks left for you to finish what you've started. you have to effing deal with it! you cannot avoid yourself from this. running away from fyp is not going to solve the problem. come hell or high water you have to finish it. just fcking do it. i know it's challenging every core of your existence. but you have get through this. you've been faced with numerous challenges before and you somehow manage to survive. so this time, it will be the same. for once, please, i begging you to not be a cry baby. haha. girl, be strong!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Life confession

new year does fly by 

we're in the third month of 2017 already

and i haven't had the chance to update anything in this space. 

*blows off dust*

last semester have been a wild ride.

my final year project research is still ongoing, 

challenging me to the core of my existence. truly. 

and i gotta admit that i'm struggling in trying to get a good grip on it 

been having my occasional breakdown more frequent

my despicable doubt is eating me alive 

but thank God for each and everyone who always been there when i need them the most 

constantly encouraging, supporting me when i am at my lowest low

and i am eternally grateful for that. 

only God knows how much it means to me

you guys are the reason as to why i keep on going 

indeed this is random post

but i bet it's good to write a thing or two about my recent state of life