the author

hellooooooo hi there!!

i'm Wan Nurulzafirah, i'm 21 from Chenor, Pahang. here's my story

i am in my third year studies of BSc (Science and technology studies) in University of Malaya. i'm studying science in the perspective of history, philosophy, ethics, policies, politics, economics and etc.

 i am a devoted wanderluster. i want to discover new places, explore new things, culture, and hopefully meet my elf king along the journey. okay. this is getting ridiculous.

 i am a die hard fan of game of thrones and scandal. yes. i often got too carried away by these two tv series. who doesn't by the way? 

lastly, i love mangoes, coconuts and taking photographs

that's all i guess.


zaf x


  1. aaaaaaaaaaa i love your blog. so clean and full of great story. and never knew you can take picture that gooooooooooood ! keep it up, junior.

    1. omggg!! your comment make my heart warm and fluffy kak amanda. ehehe. thank you much sebab sudi baca. xx

    2. Such interesting post, for sure akak baca. i loooooooooove reading. tapi bukan buku ilmiah lah. lol !