Sunday, 27 November 2016

Closing 'that' chapter.

should i...


shouldn't i...

write about this...

omg... this is tough i tell ya 

but since this chapter have been a part of me for quite a while, i will be writing this post.

let's just make it as vague as possible shall we cause it's kinda personal but nonetheless i still wanna write about this chapter on the blog. 


soo my long time crush finally got married this week. i couldn't be any more happier for him and his partner. truly. both of them look so fine on their wedding day. 

but tbh, i was kinda shocked though i've been telling myself for years that this day is bound to happen, so you better be prepared girl! 

yup. i cannot deny the fact that i was shocked but hey i've been over this crush for quite a while now. bertahun lah dah honestly. but yeah seeing him with his wife is kinda weird (in a good way) cause i used to know a different version of him. 

all is good now i guess. 

finally, i can close and move on from this chapter.

the end. 

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