Monday, 14 November 2016

not-so-random ramblings

hey ya

uni life is draining me physically and emotionally lately. this semester is one hell of a roller coaster ride i tell ya. at one point, i think that i got what it takes to tackle and manage the situation. but then, new issues keep on challenging and surprising me. at first i do try to embrace the challenge wholeheartedly but right now i've come to the point where i feel extremely drained and exhausted. i have zero motivation to endure the next couple of weeks in this semester. oh myyy, zafirah... ada banyak lagi benda that need your attention. for a start, you need to prepare the proposal for your final year project and do the proposal-defence thing. itu belum kira the usual things like test and presentations. 

i'm not thinking about quitting ke apa, it's just that sometimes life can be overwhelming. okay tbh tu je yang iolls nak cakap


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