Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fifty Shades

egad. can't believe i'm writing a post bout the infamous 50 shades trilogy

so i just finished reading all of the books in just three days. impressive eh? kalau suruh study organic chem 3 hari 3 malam takkan habis. what i can tell ya?! i's quite wicked....?! yeah wicked. 

the main character, the Cristian Grey is stinking rich. 27 years-old CG owns almost everything.  he's kinda creepy. tbh the whole book are quite creepy.(siapa suruh kau baca zaff!!) ecspecially the first book. yang lagi dua buku tu CG dah mellow and head over heels in love with ana steele. so tak creepy mana laa.

CG is a control freak. and he's possesive. kalau. ye, kalau aku ada beau gini memang lama dah aku tinggalkan. 

at first i didn't expect the book to be.... entahlah. i was expecting that CG is the no string attached type of guy. last last ghupanya, dia ni case "hearts and flowers" gak. heh - -"

aku pun tak faham sangat asal buku ni famous sangat. nak kata best? biasa je. but i can't deny the fact the books are  addictive.  i'd prefer julie james though. katanya nak di-adapt to movie. huishhhh. seram den. the raunchy/inappropriate part tu banyak aku skip je.  tak sangup ah.

hehe. and these are my favourite lines from the books ;)

"we aim to please"
"because i can"

tang "because i can" tu yang aku paling suka. cess, dia ingat dia siapa?! best gila time baca part dia kasi ana steele audi R8 for her birthday. cakap je nak apa. semua dihidangkan atas silver platter gituhh.(oiiii nama pun fiction)

till then.
laters darlinggg