Monday, 10 June 2013

what done is done


so now ni i'm furthering my studies in foundation of science in....... p&c. the truth is, after one week of lecture, i've been feeling that i've got no chemistry with science . guane tu?! aku ingatkan aku boleh survive lagi dengan science subject. tapi lama lama, aku rasa macam dah hilang minat. and tetiba aku rasa macam aku sanggup hafal kitab kitab sejarah/law/philosophy yang tebal tebal tuh. 

the major problem was that  i've already made the decision to further my studies in science stream a few months before. and it was done without really considering my true ability and my minat/passion etc etc. somehow i do feel that i'm obligated to further my studies in science because of............ let it be a secret. so salah siapa sekarang ni?? i've no one to blame except for myself

untuk masa ni aku tak jumpa jalan penyelesaian. dan tindakan yang paling logik buat masa ini ialah teruskan  dengan keputusan aku tu. what done is done.  bab-bab sama ada aku boleh excel ke tak tu... panjang sikit cerita dia. and i'm praying hard right now so that my minat can be shifted/ditukar or etc etc.

come hell or high water, life goes on and it ain't getting easier. that's all

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