Wednesday, 8 May 2013

and i completed the FBI-US attorneys series


so for the past few months, i've been reading julie james's novels. and it was aaaaaaaaaaaamazinggg!! last week, i managed to bought the last book that was in the FBI-US Attorneys series titled Love Irresistibly. after reading the whole novel, i wish that i get my own AUSA(asistant US attorney) aka Mr Cade Morgan. 

Cade morgan is sinfully hot,smoldering, and one of chicago's top prosecutors in the novel. plus, he's a former football player. what not to love about that eh?? just so you know, he's the prosecutor who called Kyle Rhodes twitter terrorist. 

all in all the whole series are so addictively readable. she writes books that i could've never put down.  julie james's novel is definitely a must-read. i'll guarantee that you'll laugh out loud reading her novels ecspecially just the sexiest man alive and practice makes perfect.

till then. 
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