Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Choice...?

haha. i have to admit that the scenarios in matlutfi's video are very common among spm leavers. kan?? for the past few weeks after receiving my ok result, i've been thinking a lot about my future. ye ke?? ke kau berangan je lebih?? ahaha. honestly, i was puzzled by my own chameleonic decision. there were times when i cannot figure out what i really want to do with my life and my future. huishh, bahaya bunyinya tu!! but it's the reality. plus, i suck at making though decisions. 

there was one time when i wanted to be a lawyer. badly. hehe. i bet it was the influence by the excessive reading of john grisham's and julie james's novels. i was mesmerized by all the fame and glory of being a lawyer. after going through a lot of considerations, i cannot picture myself being one. zafirah...zafirah...

setelah bermalam-malam berfikir(ye ke?), i've decided to further my studies in science stream.(right now, i cannot give the exact details, but i will do it later) yeap . and there were no second thoughts about that. hehe, it was quite a predictable field of studies for someone like me. wait, i'm not doing this for the sake of my parents etc etc. i'm doing it for myself. well i do hope that it's the best for me. since life's full of risks, why not take one??

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