Wednesday, 24 April 2013

About That Night : The Review

hey ya peeps!!

so, i've just finished reading this novel. and i'm going to describe it as.... wicked!!! bahahaha. i've never read a novel which the hero was an ex-con convicted for hacking twitter in order to delete a video and a tweet posted by his ex-victoria secret model girlfriend. 

This Kyle Rhodes aka smug dimples/twitter terrorist is a work hard, play hard kinda guy. and i loike him. a lot.  the interesting part was to witness his transformation from being a fresh graduated college boy, to a twitter terrorist, to an ex-con and to a man who starts his own empire. plus,i admire how he took his responsibility being a son and a brother. hew hew hew. speaking of Rylann Pierce aka prosecurtrix pierce. she's a typical julia james's heroine. that's all

so peeps, what's not to like about smug dimples??

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