Wednesday, 17 April 2013

SAFE HAVEN : The Review

so, i've just finished watching safe haven! maaann.... the whole story was so heart-breaking to watch. i didn't plan to watch it at first but since the hero is alex and alex is josh duhamel, i couldn't refuse to not watch it. just so you know, safe haven was adapted from the novel itself written by Nicholas Sparks. Heheh, i can guarantee that many of you know nicholas sparks. bila sebut nicholas sparks, mesti kena ada tisu. sebab?!

1. mesti ada yang mati
2. mesti ada surat yang sadis... bahahaha
3. mesti ada hero/heroin yang buat aku ter"over-attached"

when the novel first came out back in 2011, i instantly bought it. nak kata aku minat sangat NS tak la tapi time tu memang rasa nak baca. i was sobbing like hell after reading the last letter that alex's late wife, Jo wrote to Katie. it was all because of this phrase...

How can I tell them that I love them if I'm no longer there?” 
― Nicholas SparksSafe Haven

dulu-dulu bila baca novel dia memang aku dah target kalau Josh Duhamel jadi Alex memang aku nak tengok ah. heheh. tau tau je memang dia jadi alex, aku hyperventilate kut. berbaldi aku nangis tengok my widowed hero.... hahaha. btw, kalau korang tak minat sangat cerita yang sadis macam ni, baik tak payah tengok terus.

all in all, the movie was mainly about second chances given to alex and katie since...

“That’s the thing about life. A lot of the time, it isn’t easy at all. We
just have to try to make the best of it.”
― Nicholas SparksSafe Haven

p/s aku kasi movie ni 3 bintang 

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