Saturday, 31 August 2013

This Is Us - The Review


i just can't....

so today i managed to watch this is us. myyyyy.... the movie was amaaaaaaaaaazaynnn!! seeing the boys in the music video pun aku hyperventilate. nikan pulak ngadap muka sesorang for about two hours. i was grinning  like mad girl during the whole show. lenguh pipi den. haha

this is us is my most anticipated movie of the year apart from hunger games:catching fire and the hobbit. ahaha. i've been waiting for this movie to come out since like january!!( tbh, i have no idea when i started making countdown for this is us). heh. the lads are the most cheeky creatures on the planet. hahahahah. ecspecially my niall. heheh. i just can't... 

there's one part where zayn called his mum and talked about i-can't-remember-what-is-it-about. ehh, i think the part where he bought his mother a new home i guess. heheh. the mother and son punya conversation tu terlalu sweet. heh. and i cried. mana ada! bergenang je... kita kena control macho! 

i might exaggerated a bit, but i felt like i just met the lads personally yesterday. bahahah. those 3D stuff on the screen made the boys seems so real. felt like grabbing five of them from the screen and bring them back home.

all in all, i'm so gonna watch the movie again. plus, i'm bursting with pride and joy seeing their achievements for the past three years. cehh!! cheezzy nak mampuih

*to directioners out there, go watch this is us in the nearest cinema. you'll gonna regret it i you dont. ehehehe

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