Friday, 3 March 2017

Life confession

new year does fly by 

we're in the third month of 2017 already

and i haven't had the chance to update anything in this space. 

*blows off dust*

last semester have been a wild ride.

my final year project research is still ongoing, 

challenging me to the core of my existence. truly. 

and i gotta admit that i'm struggling in trying to get a good grip on it 

been having my occasional breakdown more frequent

my despicable doubt is eating me alive 

but thank God for each and everyone who always been there when i need them the most 

constantly encouraging, supporting me when i am at my lowest low

and i am eternally grateful for that. 

only God knows how much it means to me

you guys are the reason as to why i keep on going 

indeed this is random post

but i bet it's good to write a thing or two about my recent state of life


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