Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sabah 2015- Post Kinabalu

my walk to timpohon gate was quite hellish. both my legs were stiff as dua batang kayu. i don't have any cramps. thankfully. but ya tuhan the muscle strained was quite unbearable. to me lah. after almost two days of walking, nak pijak pun sakit time tu. lutut sakit. ahh semua sakit senang citer. memang nak bergolek sampai ke bawah ah bila ingat semula. heh. i walk alone in the drizzle for like 2km kut before meeting my other three team mates. pity to those who accompanied me  during the walk as i was rude, not in the mood to talk and all that. gahahah. sorry guys. it was late in the evening when we arrived at the gate.

we stayed the night in pusat latihan JAKIM cawangan kundasang if i was not mistaken. quite a lovely place though. that night, most of us jalan macam ketam. heh. to even get off the bus itself was a challenge. haa, lagi satu, i never thought that i would despise turun tangga so much like i did during that time. a small part of me died inside everytime i saw  tangga. the muscle ache doubled or should i said tripled when i woke up on the very next morning. i had to practically dragged my feet out of bed. sheeeesh. dia punya sakit kaki lepas turun gunung memang ya tuhan aku taktau nak cakap macam mana.

The time left were spent on jalan jalan around kundasang ranau and kota kinabalu itself. We went to tea plantation site, poring hot springs and few other places.

this was from pusat latihan jakim

we went to the famous desa cattle first thing in the morning. though it was my second time here i could never get tired of witnessing those vast green land and the majestic mountain behind. could hardly believe that we just got down from that mountain yesterday. took a few days for me to finally realize the fact that i effing climb the mountain.

the tea plantation in ranau. to me yang kat cameron lagi cantik kut

During my first trip to poring hot spring last october i haven't had the time to explore the small waterfall as most of my time was spent on canopy walking. This time i managed to go there with few of my friends. The waterfall was located slightly deep into the rainforest. But it was  a well paid journey. I was gutted that i hadn't bring any extra clothes. Sheessh. Tengok je lah the boys terjun sambil celup celup kaki.

spent our last day at KK before going back to semanjung later that night. we held a short bowling match at the local arena before buying all those souvenir stuffs.

sedap berurut kakak abang sekalian??

me and my partner azim during the match. we got lucky and win the second place!! lol terror jugak rupanya

that's all i guess
till then

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