Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Sabah 2015- The day before The Climb

our journey to kundasang took about two hours from KK if im not mistaken. upon arriving at kinabalu park the person in charge settled our hiking administrative stuffs and the rest enthusiastic fellas took pictures at the famous kinabalu park landmark

from left: puteri, fatin, JV, nad, kok wei, anis, siti, wani and kak hafizah

meet aida, jv, mimie , anis, nisa and fatin

azrie and the girls

after lunch at pekan kundasang we shoot of to mesilau nature centre where we stayed during the night before the climb. just so you know there's two track available. we choose the mesilau trail since the track is friendlier (?) to those who aren't fit enough. though we have to walk for extra 2km the view was breath-taking. that i can assure you.

muka excited esok nak naik gunung

with cik pengarah anis syahira and jv

and our journey continues in the next post