Monday, 2 February 2015

Sabah 2015- Menggapai Kinabalu (Intro)

earlier last semester, i had joined this menggapai kinabalu(MK) project. basically the highlight of this project is to go climb the great 4095m mount kinabalu in sabah. 

it all started the moment i first registered to kolej kediaman kinabalu during minggu haluan siswa. the college master gave a short glimpse about this project and by that time the realization hit me, i have to seize the chance offered to me self. later on without further considering the pros and cons(if any) i joined the organizing committee. at first it was hell, i was assigned as the fund and sponsorship bureau and yeah i never had the experience of handling such responsibility. time sekolah dulu acah acah je kalau bab jadi organizing committee ni. 

for the next three months i get through my shizz doing the best that i could. enough with this boring shizz. now lets get to the interesting part.

oh before that, lets meet few of the familiar faces which will frequently appear in my next post

 meet the  MK14/15 organizing committee

my fund and sponsorship teamates 

and off we go the kota kinabalu

we flew to kota kinbalu on the 25th of january. Everybody were so pumped up for the next few days there in sabah. Upon arriving at sabah we held a short so called motivational programme with the pre university students in smk putatan. Maaan, those students were soooo enthusiastic. Aku pulak yang ter-culture shock time awal awal handle the activities. 

On the next day we packed up our stuffs and went to kundasang where the great mount kinabalu was located. Two days were spent on climbing the great mountain, the highest in south east asia as i recalled. 

*i'll write a special post bout the climb to the mountain
*picture credits goes to publicity bureau