Monday, 4 February 2013

Random Rambling part 2

breathe in, breathe out, in, out, in, out....

seriously, ONE DIRECTION NEVER FAILS TO MAKE ME HYPERVENTILATE!!!!! yup, they never fail. just now, i watched 1D performing at Madison Square Garden back in november/december. and i was trying my best not to cry while grinning in front of my laptop. what can i say....? they're so talented!! i can't stoop swooning because A) zayn malik is 200% pure hotness and talent, B) harry is always oh-so-charming, C)well, liarm is liam, D) the oh-so-cute-and-cheeky niall and louis.

bukti zayn is pure talent and hotness

no one, i presume could ever refuse them. well, mestilah minus the haters. aku tak pernah bayangkan betapa dasyatnya badi boyband. my mom once pernah kejar je tommy page back in the 80's. jangan main-main, terror tak terror my mom dapat wehh signature. siap pergi konsert bagai. yang paling lawak, dia siap beli cd, then pasang dekat tv, then ambil gambar sebelah tv yang terpampang gambar boyband zaman dulu. aku tak pernah buat gitu. huhu, setakat ni, memang kalah lah aku. 

but i can guarantee that if 1D ever come to malaysia, aku memang kejar ah. peduli apa. btw, semalam tidur mimpi 1D kut. 

bye bye, before that, hah, dengar ni...

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