Sunday, 24 February 2013

fangirling is damn sickening!!

it was universally acknowledged by (devoted)Directioners across the globe that one direction kicked off their TMH tour yesterday at O2 Arena in London. and for those who will never ever get a chance to go to their concert i bet it was damn dissapointing right?! and as for me, all i could do was lying on my bed, fangirling one direction on twitter and waiting for someone to post a livestream. hey ho, i have to give credits to zarashannon. idk how she did it but i managed to watch the concert illegally for at least 40 minutes. thanks to technology i suppose. hell yeah, i'm sick and tired of doing this but no. i couldn't help it. fangirling is damn sickening and but i am trully, madly,deeply,hopelessly and insanely addicted-Z

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