Saturday, 23 February 2013

and now i'm addicted to Julie James

i've been reading romance novels literally since... i was like sixteen?! and the first novel was every breath you take by Judith Mcnaught. back then, reading 'that' kind of novel was quite... ngehehehe. how do i phrase this... hmmm... akward?!. yup, akward. it took time for me to 'digest', interpret and fully understood all the dialogues,descriptions, phrases, etc etc. i mean like, semua ayat novel tu kadang-kadang hiperbola sangat kawan. how the hell am i going to imagine this:-

"his features looked as if they had been chiseled out of granite by some scluptor who had been intent on potraying brute strength and raw virility-not male beauty. his chin was square,his nose straight, his jaw hard with iron determination. all in all, meredith thought he looked arrogant,proud, and though. but then, she'd never been attracted to dark, overly macho men"-Paradise, Judith Mcnaught, pg 75

haa.... cana tuh?? waktu jadi 1st timer memang nganga habis. dasyat sangat. tak terbayang aku. tapi kan, bila dah lama, semacam je. balik-balik aku bayang muka sama je. kalau hero dia blonde,i imagine the hero to be ryan gosling-ish or jensen ackles-ish, kalau yang dark and brooding type ,aku imagine ala-ala Ian somerhalder/bradley cooper/ed westwick/channing tatum and matt bomer-cut the matt bomer part 'cause i just realised the fact he's gay. isk isk. forget bout that.

recently, i discovered a not-so-new writer named Julie James. credits to my mom's trainer, Mr. i-think-his-name-is-David who introduced us to julie's novel. my-oh-my. she's such a great writer. in three days time, i managed to finish reading three of her novels. yup, three days, three novels. hebat tak hebatnya zaf. punya lah kemaruk. kalau suruh baca the curse zaman form 5 dulu,memang haram la. ngehehe...

i started reading JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. wohooo... maaaannn. this novel is damn awesome. it was like having channing tatum-aka 2012 sexiest man alive-at your front door. exaggerating. seriously, i couldn't stop reading. sedar-sedar dah habis baca. thanks to jason andrews for his lethal charm and devil-may-care attitude i'm head over christian louboutin heels. haha. i want a piece of jason andrews! desperately!  
hell now i'm addicted to julie james. damn addicted.

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