Wednesday, 6 February 2013

how i wish it was true

it's not that hard to admit the fact that i, zafirah do have a huge, massive, humungous crush on 1D. ecspecially zayn malik. even my youngest brother, irfan noticed it. yes, indeed. the problem is that, he can't stop yelling and telling other people(i mean my family) that "kak long suka zayn!!" okay, that was acceptable. but when he started screaming "zayn malik laki kak long!!" it was hillarious. zayn's my man?! seriously irfan?! hahaha. i'm doomed if the whole family knew it. yang tahu siapa zayn tu maybe dia faham. kut. buat ada mak cik, pak cik aku yang tak kenal siapa zayn malik, mau kene soal siasat. above all of that, how i wish it was true-Z

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