Sunday, 4 September 2011



long time no post. what to say ya?? dunnow....dunnow.... it was kinda pathetic actually for me this raya since unexpected things do happen. decreasing amount of duit raya did make me stressed out for a bit actually. bukan ke makin besar makin banyak?? entahla..... talking about the unexpected things, my house was being ambush by our relatives during the second day of raya!! hitting of at 11 am. at first things did go undercontrolled. but then!!!! lepas one troop, one troop ....troop ni tak balik lagi......troop lain dah datang. i mean like what the fish!! if you ever troop includes 3-5 cars. just so you know, one car can carry bout to 4 to 7/8 peeps. haha.... just multiply them. having like 20-40 guests at your house for non-stop is h*** for me. me taking the responsibilities for being the "orang dapur" memang like non-stop washing plates, top-up ing cookies etc etc. mule-mule reda la.... tapi kalau dah sampai lepas asar pun gitu lagi. i swear i collapse!! eventually, i sort of collapse kat blakang katil umi. just as the moon rises.... nak lepak2..... ade dekat 20 peeps lagi came to our house. i was crying like hell lah time tu. I WAS EXHAUSTED!!! COULD SOMEONE UNDERSTOOD??????? i did fell sorry for the guest but, tau la raya, tapi nak datang gak. my eyes was puffy from crying earlier.... when engku panggil salam2...they asked like 'nape?? demam ke??' me: senyap lagi bagus!!! let it be like that....

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  1. same here ehh. i do so often, lama2 redha then you actually start liking it