Friday, 26 August 2011


lately, i haven't been posting my blog since..... i'm typically busy.... guess what? zafirah jamal is trying her best effort to redeem her mistakes by busy-ing herself with completing her AIDILFITRI ANG POW  given by e lovey dovey teachers!! teachers, thanks a lot for giving me the ang pow! just so you know, after i got most of my p3 result earlier this week, i slightly felt like a total loser. how come?? this, this, p3 i got a complete yet irresistable + multigrade collection of results!! dari A ke  B ke C ke D ke E ke G... what an "incredible effort" eh?! four years learning in  my whatsocalled school, this is the first time i totally feel like a complete failure.... sobs...sobs... but then, forget the fact that i've been in this "ultimateyetextremelycompletefailure"situation , since me, zafirah jamal is keeping her head up and achieve my whatcalled confidential goal. speaking of that, i gonna continue accomplishing my "time mengisi ang pow with s'thing" ha-di-ha.... tooddles peeps!!

i know it's hard, know its hard
To remember sometimes,
But you gotta keep your head up, oh

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