Friday, 9 September 2011

message in a bottle.....

well.... salam then readers.....

on my trip to berbuka at rumah ayah mat a fortnight ago (if i'm not mistaken).... maaaan.... this novel memang like sweet to the core kut. i never read novel such as it. just so you know, i started reading yesterday... and i almost accomplished reading it by today. to be truth, it's quite astonishing, i do already knew that this nicholas sparks's novel will by somehow or somewhat touched me. hahaha.... if only...... i had this kind of relationship.... i swear i'll fly to e moon. heh.... this is to good to be truth i suppose. btw, i've been addicted to it. from the moment i literally opened the first page. gawd, NS is one good writer, though husna dzeeide said that his novel were quite boring, but that's her view, who cares??


  1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I said I thought it was annoying, THOUGHT okayy. Anyways, it is an excellent book. Me wanna marry Garret!

  2. don't judge e book by it's author nxt time.....(^_^)