Saturday, 17 September 2011

last friday noon....

maaaannnnn, how i ever start this. it's hilarious okay minus the fact that both of us ( moi n husna dzeeide) bersengalan in ecm. mule-mule, things do ga according to plan after watching the smurfs. solat then nak jalan2 jap. my ticket to temerloh pukul 5.00pm. so pergilah mereka berdua ke TBS. pathetically, they were charmed myy the promoter and spent RM _ _ _( highly confidential ) since there might be a huge possibility that mak cu will read this. hehhe... sedar2 dah pukul 5 time dlm ecm lagi... then i, zafirah jamal, jadi sprinter la nak catch up bus.  the hell to e weirdo who's staring akwardly towards me. fuhhhh..... nasib tak kene tinggal. back to e body shop part, i was

close in buying e perfume. lucky me, aku beringat time tuh.

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