Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Longest Ride movie review

i finally watch the longest ride movie. it was a good movie though the story is quite predictable. nama pun nicholas sparks... ahaha. i used to be a very big fan of him during my high school years. but i stop reading his books and watching his movie after safe haven because the story line is soo repetitive. i'm not sure what triggered me to watch this movie at first. hurmmmm. saw the movie trailer few months ago and wasn't even tempted to watch the movie. 

yesterday, out of the blue i decided to give it a try. it was an enjoyable movie. the chemistry between the main characters luke-sophia and ira-ruth were amazing!! ahaha. i decided to just take it easy and enjoy all the drama and romance in the movie. and as usual, few tears were shed yesterday. mehehe. the love story between ira and ruth was so great and sincere(?) and pure. but the romance between luke and sophia were lacking of feels. it's like something is missing from their story. i wish the movie potrayed more details and other stuffs about their romance. i expect so much more from the two of them cause scott eastwood and britt robertson did a very great job in potraying luke and sophia. 

all in all, the longest ride was an enjoyable movie if you're into sappy romance stuffs. there are few boring parts in the movie, but let's just ignore it. 

by the way, i'm thinking of reading the book to seek for more details and explanation. is it worth it guys? 

here's the trailer if you guys want to check it out.

that is all.

*pardon my dear readers, i couldn't stop fangirling Scott Eastwood

oh myyy, grow up zafirah
this is embarassing
i'm having a huuuuuuuge celebrity crush on scott eastwood after watching the longest ride movie!
ahahah, i couldn't help it!
he is just soooo laid back and manly and tuff and sooo handsome
arghhhhh, what has got into you zafirahh??!
oh myyyy

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