Saturday, 4 October 2014

Something New: Essenti

salam, hi there!

sedar tak sedar dah sebulan jadi mahasiswi, life's good at the moment. i've met new friends and explored lotsa new things. varsity life has been great. tak hectic macam pasum dulu sampai takde masa nak involve with all the activities. i currently study Science and Technology Studies (STS) a.ka SnT a.k.a Essenti. to me, it's an interesting course since you get to learn the applications and effects of science and tech in a more broader view. hmmm, dulu dulu time foundation asyik  duduk dalam lab buat experiment itu ini. now, i can finally understand some of their significance to our society. yeeeha. 

in case if any of you guys would to know more,  click here for further information.

here's a few pics of me and my essenti peeps.

makan makan with the coursemates. (part 1)

selingan jap

makan makan (part 2)

to be honest, i've been eyeing this course for quite sometime. dari zaman nak apply foundation dulu. tapi sebab masih samar samar tentang course ni tu yang jadi tak sure. it took a huuuuuge amount of time for me to sort out my passion like what i said in my previous post . alhamdulillah, now i can finally say that i'm in the right path though at times i do have some insecurities.  chill zaf!! your fav youtuber/filmmaker Jack Harries used to say "the best way to learn is just to throw yourself into it and do it and learn on the job". tak kenal maka tak cinta kan?!

sooooo, that's all. toodles

*credits to theameera for the pics

zaf x

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